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Not Alone...

The Obstacle...

Somewhere, there is a stone wall. And 

at that wall there is a girl. Slumped 

down and defeated at the bottom of 

the wall because she can't get over it. 

She bangs her fists on the wall until 

they bruise. There's no way to go 

around the wall and getting through it 

is even more impossible. It can't be 

done. It's huge and impenetrable and 

a million miles long. The wall is so 

confusing. It's riddled with perplexities 

and the girl is dumfounded and 

defeated and exhausted. You can't 

go back after you've reached the 

wall. The only way the girl can move 

forward is to jump over the wall or 

walk the million mile perimeter. But, it's 

so impossibly high. Setting off on the 

journey to go around the wall seems 

unthinkable. It's so far. It's going to be 

strenous and difficult and the girl will 

be alone. This is her struggle. 

When the girl finally arrives on the 

other side of the wall, she realizes that, 

while it is still very tall, the wall is only a 

few feet wide. She was blinded by her 

own doubt and feels she wasted all 

that time sobbing at the foot of the 

wall. Until, she sees the triumph in her 

heart reflected on the faces of those 

who were standing beside her at the 

wall all that time. Now, and only now, 

is she aware of those who kept silent 

watch over her at the wall in her 

darkest, most hopeless hours. These 

are the ones who gave her the 

courage to take the first step on the 

journey around the stone wall. The 

stone wall is fear and doubt. And it 

blinds you to what lives inside. It 

makes you feel lonely when really, 

you're not even alone. 


Wild Heart

The Renaissance

Life is a great and terrible, short thing.

I heard this quote at the end of the movie P.S. I Love You (one of my top ten favorite movies ever….no matter how sappy that sounds) last night. It’s really quite inspiring. Life can be so hard on us some times, yet it is so well worth it. Living with a purpose to the best of your ability, surrounding yourself with people who love and support you, and truly getting to know yourself are all great privileges. So many people go through the motions of everyday life without ever considering that every minute that passes is one less minute we have to do all the things we ever wanted.

Setting out to live with a purpose is my new goal. It isn’t that I was living thoughtlessly before. But, it’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday of life, that the big picture can pass you right by before you know it. Now I think of every morning as a reminder that I had better be grateful for what I have and if there’s anything I want for my life, now is the time to go get it. 

shorts/vintage Levi's   vest and bandeau/F21   feather earrings/UO   hair feather/civvies
belt/cotton on  ring/modcloth


New Hampshire Summer

New Hampshire Summer

Chiffon cocktail dress
$40 - allyfashion.com

TopShop denim jacket
$80 - topshop.com

H m
£4.99 - hm.com

A Peace Treaty cotton shawl
$165 - lespommettes.com

DKNY grain belt
£65 - houseoffraser.co.uk


The Hunger Games

This trilogy is beyond fantastic. I cannot possibly explain to you what a wonderful experience it is to see the author bring the characters to life. The plot gets so thick that you're compelled to read just a few more pages into each chapter before you can set it down. I'm stoked about it, if you're looking for an exciting and heart wrenching read, this is your book.