Holy Hiatus!

From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

Holy Hiatus!

February 24, 2011

Okay, life is literally insane! That was a long break from blogging that made me very sad! I am actually up writing this right now after only like 5 hours of sleep but I am currently suffering from a bout of insomnia so here goes….

In other news, here’s a little of what I have been up to: I ordered my cap and gown! Holy Shiz! That means I am graduating from college soon! What?!?! Nonsense…..this is like Chinese to me when I think about it, hard to understand. I’m old…it’s official.

Also, I finished my senior documentary which I think I did mention before but also was privileged enough to be honored for it by the non-profit organization I created it for, which was such a blessing. Art With a Heart is a fantastic organization that encourages creativity in children with life threatening diseases as a way to express themselves. I can’t think of any more worthy cause. These kids don’t have any choices. When they’re told they have cancer, everything happens in a flash. They’re admitted into the hospital, undergoing surgeries and receiving medications with names they can’t even pronounce. AWAH brings back some of that freedom and independence and helps them to be kids again. Anyway, if you read this blog please check out the documentary and its press release at the following link!

So, I still have more to say about my mountain vaca! Here are some photos of my outfit and what a BLAST we had. I am committed to taking 2 more fresh outfit photos this week!

            Peace and Love!

Song of the Day-“Cosmic Love” Florence + The Machine 



From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between


February 9, 2011

flannel & vest/F21 shorts/thrifted  scarf/charlotte russe  bag/h&m  rainboots/old navy

Back from my trip to North Carolina! So fun! I loved going to see my friend and it is so beautiful in the mountains. Every time I go somewhere else it reminds how much of the world I still have left to see…Plus, the road trip there with my two girl friends was really great! We did a ton of blabbering on the way there and then more talking once we got to Brian’s house and had a little vino…. Sometimes you just need those times….it’s good for the soul!

The first day we were there we went to Asheville, which is about twenty minutes from where Brian lives. I LOVE Asheville, it is such a little hippy town in the middle of a mountain. There are a million restaurants and little bars and lots of good shopping! But, alas we still ended up in Urban Outfitters before the day was over…leave it to me…

But, I digress…before that Brian took us to this thrift/vintage place he had been raving about to me for months called The Screen Door. Umm…suffice to say I could LIVE in that place. They had such eclectic stuff, I could die. I just ended up buying this quilt but I wish I could have afforded more! Everything was so beautiful…..

After all the shopping and sightseeing we had done, we forgot how long it had been since we ate! We were all famished when we happened upon this little cantina in the middle of Asheville. That is THE WORST I have eaten in weeks, possibly months. The four of us completely demolished guacamole, salsa, bean dip, and nachos within a matter of minutes. And a little beer. Eww…just thinking about it now makes me full. Ha!

 More posts shall ensue of my trip….we did a lot of nature stuff too that I can’t wait to post!!

Song of the Day- “WTH” Avril Lavigne