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Penny Lane….
December 30, 2010

So, I am aware that this would now be my second movie reference in a week but…..this outfit felt so 70’s to me…and therefore rock n’ roll. Somehow, I fancy myself to feel like Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous. Even though the outfit follows pretty classic color patterns and style, the fit of the black cords and the boy fit shirt made me feel like a rock star!! J



These shoes are ridic! They’re 5 inches and probably the most comfortable heels I own. I ADORE them. They’re definitely my favorite in my closet at this point…maybe. J I’m pretty indecisive. But, I feel like I am going to be wearing them all year long.

cords/Delias   clog heels/Charlotte Russe   chambray shirt/a.n.a.  ring/vintage   sunnies/Wolfgang

It was seriously beautiful  in Florida today. I was a little chilly in the shade and just warm enough in the sun. Perfect. Basically, our December days can be a lot like Seattle summers at times. Very mild and conducive to fun sartorial times. But, we do get a few hard freezes every year. I assume we’ll have one more before it’s all said and done with this winter.

My mama had me over for dinner tonight to enjoy some of her delicious baked spaghetti. “Baked?” you say….yes indeed! It is so great, if you haven’t had baked spaghetti, do! I prefer it over the traditional kind almost everyday of the week. Anywho, she had me over as a farewell to my eating meat! I am officially a vegetarian as of January 1st! I’m not going to lie…I am scared of the expenses and the hassle of it but am so excited about pursuing this endeavor to make my life a little healthier!

Song of the Day- “Comin’ Home” P. Diddy 


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

December 29, 2010

cardigan/BDG   boots/Modcloth   white tank/F21   purse/vintage   sunnies/Franscescas

Every time I wear these boots, I feel like Elizabeth Swan at the very end of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy when she’s wearing Will Turner’s boot. Someone actually told me they looked like Jack Sparrow boots one time and I gotta say, they’re not wrong..lol.

But, I love them because they are so versatile. They can be worn all the way up with leggings or a short dress and tights or folded down and slouchy with longer length dresses or jeans!! I will say that the horizontal cardigan is not…err…slimming. But, it turned out to be super comfy and very appropriate for running errands today.

Anyway, I had fun with my makeup again today as well, which are posted below! NYE is almost upon us!! 2011 here I come!!


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

Au Revoir deux mille dix.

December 26, 2010

coat & socks/Charlotte Russe   skirt, blouse, and tights/Express  scarf/F21   caridgan/AE   boots/Target 

Christmas is over….again…L It’s sad but happy in a way because every passing day puts me a little closer to my dreams! I just realized what an optimistic point of view that is…I must say I’m proud of myself for having it because I can be pretty pessimistic sometimes.

Anywho, 2010 has possibly been the most fantastic year of my life! I think I have been through more in one year than I had in like the 3 years before this one. It’s been perhaps the toughest time in a lot of ways but the worst times always precipitate the best experiences!! I seriously couldn’t be more grateful for this year; to say it has been amazing would be the understatement of the century.

Let’s see, I made a HUGE relationship decision (that turned out to be the right one) and dealt with that, got a 4.0 GPA, won an Associated Press Award, moved ACROSS the country and lived in Seattle, WA, turned 21, and made a documentary! And then of course, all the little things that live within the big things are so important as well. I can’t even name for you all the wonderful experiences that this semester has brought but it has been a doozie.

Oh! And it snowed in North Florida today! I can’t believe it! It didn’t stick, of course but the flurries were among us. I was absolutely freezing this morning but my new coat kept me warm… a la Sherlock Holmes style…J But, I think I may have to change out of my tights for tonight. We’re going to dinner because my friend Brian is heading back to NC! Oh! And I keep forgetting to show you guys this amazing vintage purse that I've been tugging with me everywhere!! Must remember: show purse in next outfit! 


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

Slip a Sable Under the Tree....Or a Canon 5D?

December 22, 2010

 So, From Here to There has been sort of a flop this season. I renamed my blog from Jaded in Emerald City for obvious reasons, (i.e. I no longer reside in Seattle….) and honestly just sort of came up with the name on a whim. It seemed sort of appropriate at the time, and I think it still is in some ways, but I don’t think it is precise enough so I’ve been scheming up some new titles, one of which I believe I will be implementing after the New Year..From Here to There is so vague, to where? I think I liked that about it at first because it does ring of endless possibilities and what not....but now that I am on the eve of my life and am just about to graduate college, I think the more precise titles are in order. :) 

They say consistency is the key with these type of things, but since I will be keeping the same URL (verypleasantlyjaded.blogspot.com) I think I’m okay to do this. I need a decent header, though. Suggestions?

Well, today was pretty great. I was able to do some thrifting and I discovered the most adorable place in Five Points! If I continue to live in Jacksonville at any point after college, I must live in this area. It’s like the central artsy/hipster fun area in the city. Other than this area, we’re pretty lacking. Don’t get me wrong, Jacksonville actually has tons of beautiful places to live (we’re pretty famous for our sandy beaches, as you would imagine) but urban living is sort of in a lull. But, I have to give it to the city, they are really trying to enliven city center. The beaches have always been the place to live and hang out, but they’re trying to increase the 21-35 demographic in downtown with new condos, music venues and bars, and reinventing the museums and I think that’s awesome.

In unrelated business, I'm not overly ecstatic about today's "fit"...it just wasn't quite a hit...but this sweater puts me in the perfect holiday mood! It’s so sparkly and rings of Yuletide cheer, I love it! In fact, I think it could be pretty dashing over an LBD for New Year’s! Hmm….

gold cardigan/thrifted  crew neck top/American Apparel  mini skirt/Express  
sandals/Miss Me via random shop on Bainbridge Island  rings/Wolfgang

Which reminds me….I wonder what I will do in the way of getting all dolled up for NYE. I really love to do makeup and I’m kinda good at it. Ask me to do your hair and you’re up the creek….but makeup is my forte. Photography and makeup are sort of my creative gifts, I guess. Though, no one here gets to see my handy work because I no longer have an SLR…sad day for me...:( Oh well, below I have posted some of the things I have been doing to my face lately as well as some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so yous guys can check it out!!

All Photos by Yours Truly: Shannon Heath

Peace, Love, and Merry Christmas!!

Song of the Day- Santa Baby Jessica Simpson version


Seventy Shmeventy.....

From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

Bipolar Weather Patterns…..

December 18, 2010

Honestly, Christmas is a week away and it feels like 75 degrees in north Florida! It’s getting pretty ridiculous…and I have been investing in scarves and boots and cardigans because I LOVE to layer! However, this evidence of global warming has kept me from doing that effectively for the past week or so. I just hope its cool enough on Christmas for me to wear some of my new winter clothes.

I truly think I was meant to be born in Alaska or Washington state or something. I love to wear lots of layers of clothing and I pretty much shy away from the sun, to say the least. Oh well. I did love my outfit today, even though it proved a little warm for our recent climate down here.

romper, thigh highs, and wedges/Charlotte Russe  hat/UO  
tights and cardigan/Target

On a happier note, SEVEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I’m a child and Christmas is my very favorite holiday! I love everything about it….you give and receive gifts (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love gifts?!), spend time with all your loved ones, and eat tons of home cooked food! The best!

Well, I have to sign off now as I go prepare for my last performance of Little Women at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre! It’s certainly bittersweet….I am so happy that I auditioned for this show, it has been a blast and I am going to miss my cast mates so much! But, I’m looking forward to the much needed break before I start next semester. MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! Holy cow! J J J J


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between


December 8, 2010

It’s FREEZING in Jacksonville! It has been totally cold this week and the temperatures are only supposed to creep up into the 30’s and 40’s tomorrow. Jeez…..I guess I am going to have to break out my acrylic Delias toggle jacket in the morning. Wearing that jacket is basically like having two skins..haha.

So, today I did my senior seminar final presentation with my documentary! Woo-hoo!! I can’t believe I did it and I actually like it. I have the 5 minute draft on Vimeo. I’ll post it here…

I was supposed to look pretty business casual for my presentation today so I wore this skirt that I adore and Natalie and I took photos after! Short post but I am going to get back to this now that I am done with my senior project! J

skirt, blazer, & blouse/F21   tights/American Eagle  booties/Charlotte Russe 

cape/south moon under  sweater/F21  skirt/BDG  tights/Express  scarf/UO  
booties/Steve Madden