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Penny Lane….
December 30, 2010

So, I am aware that this would now be my second movie reference in a week but…..this outfit felt so 70’s to me…and therefore rock n’ roll. Somehow, I fancy myself to feel like Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous. Even though the outfit follows pretty classic color patterns and style, the fit of the black cords and the boy fit shirt made me feel like a rock star!! J



These shoes are ridic! They’re 5 inches and probably the most comfortable heels I own. I ADORE them. They’re definitely my favorite in my closet at this point…maybe. J I’m pretty indecisive. But, I feel like I am going to be wearing them all year long.

cords/Delias   clog heels/Charlotte Russe   chambray shirt/a.n.a.  ring/vintage   sunnies/Wolfgang

It was seriously beautiful  in Florida today. I was a little chilly in the shade and just warm enough in the sun. Perfect. Basically, our December days can be a lot like Seattle summers at times. Very mild and conducive to fun sartorial times. But, we do get a few hard freezes every year. I assume we’ll have one more before it’s all said and done with this winter.

My mama had me over for dinner tonight to enjoy some of her delicious baked spaghetti. “Baked?” you say….yes indeed! It is so great, if you haven’t had baked spaghetti, do! I prefer it over the traditional kind almost everyday of the week. Anywho, she had me over as a farewell to my eating meat! I am officially a vegetarian as of January 1st! I’m not going to lie…I am scared of the expenses and the hassle of it but am so excited about pursuing this endeavor to make my life a little healthier!

Song of the Day- “Comin’ Home” P. Diddy 


  1. So glad you liked the baked spaghetti - I too prefer it over "regular" spaghetti. I certainly wish you luck in your endeavors to go vegetarian - it's gonna be tough, but if anyone can do it you can. Why?? Because you can do anything you set your mind to - you've proven that so many times.

    Love you - Happy Vegetarian 2011!

  2. love your shirt! haha and thanks for the comment about my owl photography... i love that picture too (:

  3. you look so cute! and hehe i must say, some of my comfiest shoes are 5 inches high :) happy new year!

  4. go you for trying to be a vegetarian! I love your denim shirt and your make up skills are of the chain! :D