The Hunger Games

This trilogy is beyond fantastic. I cannot possibly explain to you what a wonderful experience it is to see the author bring the characters to life. The plot gets so thick that you're compelled to read just a few more pages into each chapter before you can set it down. I'm stoked about it, if you're looking for an exciting and heart wrenching read, this is your book.


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Worn Out Shoes…

July 17, 2011

This title is perfect! I adore this Joe Purdy song but also my heels on these boots are actually quite worn out. In fact, I went to lunch with my family today and on the way out of the restaurant bathroom I almost slipped and fell! Time to refurbish because there is no way I’m giving them up.

skirt/BDG via urban  boots/target  watch/michael kors  blouse & leg warmers/forever 21  

Yes, I wore boots…in July. I don’t even care! One of my favorite things to do when I get dressed is layer things and wear contrasting colors, etc….it matters not to me if the weather is in the 80’s! (That’s actually a very cool day here in FL..) It did rain, though. So, I guess that gives me some excuse for wearing boots.

My friend Brian and I were bored today so we decided to shoot these photos for fun and they turned out surprisingly great! The best part? He didn’t even take them with his 5D…these were taken with my iphone!! J

Song of the Day- “Worn Out Shoes” Joe Purdy

P.S. Does anyone pin on Pinterest? Because I’m obsessed…..