From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between


September 21, 2010

I’m actually getting a chance to blog again today because I am sick like nobody’s business. I’ve been tossing my cookies since around 6am…hopefully I’m on the downturn of it now..because I really don’t have time to be sick.

dress/F21  shoes/Charlotte Russe

Anyway, Saturday Brian and I went to the diner as promised and got to have the most delicious breakfast (which sort of makes me sick when I think about it right now so I can’t go into too much detail.) However, you should just know..Metro Diner is wonderful.

We went to the Riverside Arts Market after to peruse the arts and crafts and then went into the most wonderful thrift stores!! It was so awesome..we had a blast and I played dress up in the vintage clothing area….haha I wish I would’ve been born in the 50’s so I could always dress like this. 

Alas, it’s still full swing summer here in the 80’s and 90’s. I can’t wait for cooler weather! I want coats!!

Until tomorrow….

Song of the Day- “Little Lion Man” Mumford & Sons


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between

Good Life…

September 18, 2010

I miss blogging everyday….it really is fun….Oh well, I’ll get back to it when I graduate but for now I’ll indulge in my one opportunity to blog for the next week.

I saw Easy A with Brian tonight. It was amazing and I loved it! Emma Stone is so refreshing as an actress, I might possibly love her. J

skirt/thrifted  top & toggle necklace/H&M  shoes/Modcloth

We’re going to see Sara at the diner tomorrow…I haven’t been there since she started working and its so yummy so I’m glad we’re going. Then I think we are paying a visit to the Riverside Arts Market! I am so stoked. I read an article in the Folio about this vendor that serves amazingly fresh pastries inspired by all the places around the world the baker has lived. J I have a feeling I’ll be a little stuffed….

Anyway, this outfit is from yesterday. I had class all day and these from Modcloth actually didn’t prove very comfy. I was going to my internship after class so I try to dress somewhat professional. I’ll have to invest in some Dr. Scholl’s.

Until next time…..

Song of the Day- “Good Life” One Republic


From Here to There

An Ambitious Adventure in Life, Style, and Everything in Between


September 10, 2010

I am a terrible blogger! I keep apologizing to myself for not blogging but I have never been so busy and overwhelmed in my entire life. Apparently senior year is trying to kill me.  Anyway, these are just a few photos of my thrifting with Brian the other day…it was so much fun! Riverside has so many great vintage stores! 

This coat is amazing...but a little inappropriate for FL..:( 

P.S. I've already been to a UF game this season with Sara! Go Gators!