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A Breath of Fresh Air…..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is exactly what you need to clear your head. :) I actually got to go out with a reporter who was doing a wrap (or a package…aka NOT doing it live, preparing it beforehand.) It was really refreshing….literally. We were doing a story on how the weather is affecting campers and outdoorsy people. We got to go to a campsite south of Seattle and it was so gorgeous, the sun was shining through the trees and everything was so GREEN! We interviewed a family with two little girls who were 8 and 5…the younger one came up and gave me a flower while I was standing there. So cute! :)

Well, very short blog tonight because I need some sleep.

Song of the Day- "Rolling In on a Burning Tire" The Dead Weather


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Follow the Yellow Boring Road….

June 29, 2010

As I walked in to the station this morning, I realized that, after only one day off my usual schedule, I missed the newsroom! I noticed the way it smelled and looked and was so excited all over again! :) I guess that’s a good sign…most people groan when they have to head back to work after a hiatus, even if it was only a day. I also really appreciate the experience my internship lends me; I realized today that I would never know where so many things are if it weren’t for riding around in the live trucks day after day. I probably know more about Seattle than some people who live and work in the city! :)

However, politics are apparently fun to debate but NO fun to report on. :(
I was bored out of my mind today! The political reporter is a very nice man but not super talkative and neither was the photog. Reporting on the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Highway 99 viaduct doesn’t exactly get my blood pumping. Traffic people.….that’s what we’re talking about here-roads….just streets. Apparently, people are hyped up about some budget over run a segment of the viaduct could cause, but even that sector wasn’t being started today! Ugh…it all seems like monotony to me.


I also realized why I NEVER wear headbands! The government should use them as a torture tool in a new tactic….put really cheap plastic headbands on enemies of the state and don’t take them off until you get the truth out of them! They’ll either go crazy or have to be hospitalized for life threatening migraines before it’s all said and done….sheesh…

But, there WAS something that made me smile at the groundbreaking ceremony-a drumline. I had half a mind to break into “It’s great to be a First Coast Buccaneer!” A montage of cheerleading uniforms, pom poms, camp instructors, and stunts played in my head to the beat. At the risk of sounding corny, (too late I know) I really loved that time in my life and I didn’t appreciate it then! Ahh…nostalgia, so good for the heart sometimes.

Until tomorrow….

Song of the Day: “No Envy No Fear” Joshua Radin

P.S. Mayor Mike McGinn looks like Santa Claus…..


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Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly


June 28, 2010

Okay, so long story short-went on a date with a really cute guy who turned out to be a total moron. Well, at least, he isn’t for me. This has really affected my opinion of Seattle men…Anyway, the problem is, he lives down the street from me!

He seems like a sweet enough guy and he’s pretty good looking but we have nothing in common. My plan of action was basically to ignore his texts and calls and any halfway intelligent person would get the picture. My plan began this morning when he texted me about hanging out again and I just didn’t answer. I was really feeling bad today because I couldn’t sleep last night. So, I stayed home from my internship and was going to get a coffee and some things from the store before starting my laundry.

As I was walking down the stairs, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be weird if I ran into him? Considering that he does live right down the street..” And who but my expectations do I see walking right past my stairway? Seriously, I audibly gasped and mumbled some unpleasantries under my breath. I half thought about doing an about face and running back into the safety of my apartment building, but the click of the automatic locking door behind me was doom personified. I would’ve made a bigger idiot out of myself by trying to go back in.

So, we met at the bottom of the stairs and said hello. I laid it on thick with my pathetic sick voice and told him that I left work because I wasn’t feeling well. (Why am I lying to this person that I don’t even know?!) Anyway, I told him I was walking to the drug store for some medicine hoping he’d leave me be…..Not a chance. “Do you need some company?” Sure!! :( Furthermore, I couldn’t even purchase my lady products that I actually needed and I had to buy some Excedrin for no reason! I quickly exited telling him that I needed some sleep…right away. The afternoon ensued with me dressing like a convict, wearing a hoodie pulled up in 75 degree weather with my glasses on in full disguise just so I could get my coffee and tampons! Ridiculous….

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day- “A Comet Appears” The Shins


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Rosalie Hale…well not really

June 26, 2010

Too tired to blog for long. Sorry! But, I went to the Fremont Outdoor Movies opening tonight, which premiered with a bang! The venue was one of twelve throughout the country that is showing New Moon tonight in honor of the release of Eclipse next week and because tonight is a lunar……..eclipse. :)


I didn’t get to meet anyone which was lame. But, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser did what most celebrities have to do at these sort of things. They got there just in time and then left as soon as they spoke to the crowd to be whisked off on a jet plane to somewhere very important.

But, it was fine. Fremont-another great area of town! Jeez, Seattle…stop giving me so many options, it’s mind boggling. Anyway, to sleep. :)

Song of the Day- “Ours” The Bravery
Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Lake Lover

June 25, 2010

When people said that Greenlake was comparable to Central Park, I didn’t really believe it, even though I’ve never been to New York therefore I’m ineligible to make the comparison. But, holy crow it is big!! The perimeter comes out to about 3 miles total. Yeah, I didn’t walk to the other side considering that I just walked to the lake instead of taking the bus which is a mile and half trek in and of itself. It’s also similar in that it is very beautiful.

The sun didn’t quite peak through the cloud ceiling today but it was nice anyway. It might’ve even been hot if the sun had actually some out. The breeze continually blew off the lake and made its way through the trees creating a whooshing whisper sound all around me every so often. It gave the place a kind of exclusivity. The park is a perfect place for reading. There are tons of ducks walking around, as well! I wish Trey would’ve been here-he would’ve loved that! :)

I probably walked about 5 miles today in total. After I got back from Greenlake Park, I caught a bus to Northgate because I needed to go to an actual mall. Usually, that’s not necessary because there are a million stores on the ave I can walk to, but their shoe selection is a little sparse. Well, it’s not that it’s lacking as much as that I just wasn’t in the mood to fork over that much for a pair of flats today. :)

On the way back to the U-district, the bus took a different route than I’m used to. I never go to that part of town so obviously I’ve never taken a bus back. It went through the UW campus. Jealous. It’s so gorgeous! I’ve discovered something about myself lately. I seriously like being in nature. I love the seclusion of naturally beautiful places. Reading a book in a beautiful place in the woods actually sounds pretty appealing. I wasn’t much of an outdoorsy girl growing up, and I still don’t fit the part (the most hiking I ever do is to the third floor of Nordstrom) but I really admire it. I wish I were tougher, maybe I could be a white water rafting guide or a climbing instructor. :) Oh well.

You know what else I adore? A versatile piece in my wardrobe! I have this ikat print dress that I am no longer interested in. So, I cut it into a shirt and tucked into this mini today and I got several compliments on this outfit! :) A few people thought it was one piece. Ahh…guess I’m just a material girl after all. :)

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day: “Untitled” Interpol


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly


June 24, 2009

Busy busy busy! I went out with the reporter I go out with the most often today. He’s always the most helpful and freely gives me tips on my stand ups and my writing. But, this is the first time that I have been out in the field with someone who’s had to turn two stories in one day! It was pretty stressful…but very fun, too.

Can I just say that I totally cherish my youth? Whenever I start to get stressed out about finding a career, and a CITY to live in no less a house, and everything else in life…I just tell myself-“You are so young,” and it cheers me right up! I’m even younger than my already young peers! :) So, if I want to try my hand at something and I can’t do it or I don’t like it then I can just move on to the next thing. My education and experience has prepared me for almost any possible future. No big deal, no time lost. Not to mention, my ridiculously supportive family will always be waiting in the wings no matter what. Jeez, I’m blessed. Alright, I’m done wallowing in emotion now…lol.

We finished the reporter’s live shot near a bus stop so I decided to just walk there instead of heading back to the studio at the end of the day. As I was leaving the van, he called me back and said he forgot to tell me something. He said, “The other day when Waltz [the photographer] got back, we kept trying to figure out who your camera style reminded us of ..then we both said at the same time Lara Logan and you look a lot like her.” I totally do look like her! I mean, in my opinion, she is a more intense version of pretty than I probably am. But, its actually weird because I do resemble her. But, whats more is that she is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS in D.C. Umm…..wow. Thank you..….for saying that my camera presence is similar to hers. I love that guy! This is what she looks like in a myriad of look a like doppleganger photos with me: lol...

Until tomorrow....

Song of the Day- “Sun Hands” Local Natives

P.S. The following photo is amazing….I want to go to this place…how cool? A wall of books!!!!


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Like a Sore Thumb…

June 23, 2009

Why does the Safeway always have to have such long lines when I get off of work? It’s annoying! Due to my laziness and impatience, I now have no cereal in the morning….Fantastic.


More cop punch stuff today…. We went to a rally at the high school where the jaywalking turned punch in the face went down last week. People are still really hyped about it.

Anyway, the only thing I have to say about this issue is the following. This act of demonizing the media is really getting sort of tired. I find it very pretentious when someone attempts to tell someone else how to do their job when, in truth, they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Seriously, can I just say this? And this goes for everyone. If the media didn’t come to your press conferences, functions, and events, guess who would care about your story? No one. The only way people know something is going on and what it’s all about is through the media. So, how about a little appreciation? Sheesh…. Other than that, it was a very interesting day. We got to hear a lot of different opinions about this story which just can’t seem to go away. Seattle can’t stay on the edge of a knife point forever. There’s either going to be some serious unrest in the community or everything will be fixed. It’s going to fall off one way or the other and just which way will be determined, I predict, by the mayor’s decision for Police Chief.


This neighborhood we were in is so sketchy. I almost maced someone today. If I had mace that is. Basically, I was on the phone outside the news van and this latin homey with his pants hanging down came up to talk to me. Okay, I am genuinely sort of afraid because we are in a very seedy neighborhood known for drugs, etc. I politely told him I couldn’t talk because I was working and he kept following me! Seriously, dude, how are you hoping for this to turn out? I mean, really? I finally said “Go Away!!” and turned around. Then he did the unthinkable………..he TOUCHED ME!!! He grabbed my arm and tried to turn me back around. All this happened in like 30 seconds. But, I sort of screamed at him not to touch me or something to that effect. He went on for 2 or 3 more seconds and then, he FINALLY went away. I was shocked, shocked! Who does that? Who touches someone they don’t know? Look at me! Do I look like a homegirl? Obviously you shouldn’t probably even speak to me ever again…gross. People suck. Other than that, successful outing. :)

Until tomorrow....last day of my week :)

Song of the Day- “While You Were Sleeping” Casting Crowns


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly


June 22, 2009

Can I just tell you that slow news days are really annoying? Jeez.. I sat in the newsroom for FOUR hours today before I got to do anything. That pretty much never happens….actually yeah that never happens. I wanted to go rob someone or light something on fire so I would have something to go out on….but I’m pretty sure arson is a felony and I wasn’t in the mood for a stick up. I didn’t have my ski mask handy either…


Thank God for Chelsea. I was sitting at the computer in my reverie really not even looking at anything when I heard somebody say, “Hey intern!” lol….she’s one of the coolest photogs….So, I went out in the live van to set up a shot for our political reporter at 5. At least sitting in Belltown is better than sitting at the desk.

Apparently, there has been quite a bit of violence in the neighborhood lately and Belltown is supposed to be pretty nice and very safe. The neighborhood council was getting ready to have a meeting at the Labor Temple about what can be done. Also, I met another one of the interns, a photographer’s intern…very interesting job.


Until tomorrow….(when hopefully I will be covering some breaking news in this metropolitan area of nearly 5 million people!!…jeez)

Song of the Day-“So Far Around the Bend” The National


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Call Me Huck Finn….again ;)

June 21, 2009

If I ever have a dog all to myself, I swear it will be a golden retriever! They have to be the coolest dogs on the planet. They just look like you’re best friend and they’ll never leave you because of their undying loyalty! I saw one when I was walking out of Starbucks this afternoon and it literally spread a smile across my face. Definitely getting a golden retriever….

Follow Up stories are never quite as fun as the breaking news stories. They’re great to go out on for learning purposes, but it’s more exciting to be in the heart of all the action. We were covering the story of a fifteen year old girl who pretty brutally if I may say so, beat another girl in a bus tunnel in January. It received quite a bit of nationwide coverage back when it first happened. So many big things from Seattle make it onto national news! Hmmm…that keeps happening to me….it’s starting to get a little weird.

Back in Florida, WAY back in December before I ever applied for this internship or even knew about it, I did a story on Governor Mike Huckabee when he came to speak at JU. He just happened to be visiting the same week a criminal he had pardoned murdered 4 police officers in Lakewood. Lakewood, WASHINGTON. If you guys remember, they talked about this for DAYS, WEEKS, on end in the media. They’re still talking about it in the news in Seattle. What are the freaking odds? So, of course that was how my story played out-a package about 4 Washington police officers.

Furthermore, the infamous “cop punches girl” aka “punch heard ‘round the nation” that we covered last week continues to be a hot topic around the country. And then today we cover the rest of the aforementioned story concerning the bus tunnel beatings. The “victim” (and I use that term loosely) went on Good Morning America to talk about her experience back in February. When I mentioned how eerie it was that so many Seattle specific incidents kept garnering national attention lately, the photographer told me it must be my fault…lol…I am choosing to interpret all this as the almighty’s confirmation that I DO need to be in the national news circuit. I always knew it!...:) But, really, isn’t it weird that I would end up here after doing that story unknowingly and now all this is happening? Something to be said for coincidence…..

Anyway, the public defender from today’s case does Mark Twain impersonations on the weekend. Seriously though, I really think he does. You guys don’t understand, he literally looks EXACTLY like him, shaggy white shoulder length hair, HUGE white mustache, even the same nose! I wish it wasn’t considered rude to snap a photo of someone without telling them why so everyone could see! I think he might BE Twain. It was beyond obvious, the reporter even laughed when we got back in the van. Hey, nothing wrong with making a little dough on the side, being a PD can’t pay that great.

The reporter I went out with today was really helpful but also very……brusque. She has a lot of experience in the field that I can glean from, and I haven’t shadowed a woman until today so I was excited to finally draw those comparisons. I’m almost positive she thought I was dim until the very end when I actually got a chance to have a conversation with her. She also made a comment about my “accent.” Which doesn’t EXIST by the way!!! She literally asked me if I was from Georgia. Ohhh….burn. :( That’s what I mean. She just sort of says whatever and then goes with it. She’s brave, I’ll giver her that. She’s also good at her job. But anyway, the other reason I think she was surprised that I was smart is because I’m just too darn polite! That’s the thing though, it’s not a pretense, being polite is actually the way I feel most comfortable, not the other way around. I can’t help it and I hate when other people aren’t. And she…..well she isn’t. Actually, she’s really the first person I’ve met up here that was very...how do you say….”northern.” Oh, the perils of a southern belle. Sigh.

But, by the end of the day, she helped me with my writing and thought my stand up turned out well. After, of course, she and the photog berated me for not being able to name a Carole King or James Taylor song. What do I look like? I was almost born in the nineties for pete’s sake. Sheesh.

Song of the Day- “Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis 2”- Philip Glass

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos lately…it’s hard to take them when I’m busy throughout the day. I will get on it!


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Latte Art

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today was super mellow. While I had planned to go spend some time down in Greenlake, the inevitable weather prevented me from doing it. According to the locals, this has been an unseasonably chilly, rainy summer! Just my luck…

So, I leave you with a short blog tonight and photos of my delicious breakfast at a perfect café that I now plan to patron every Saturday morning. 




Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Injured Vets, the Human Society, and Every Other Thing that Could Possibly Pull on the Heartstrings

Friday, June 18, 2010

To whom it may concern: If we have not met (henceforth this applies to almost everyone in Seattle, WA) and there are several other seats available on the bus, do not sit by me. In fact, don’t even look at me.

For cripe’s sake. I am so sick of the bus situation. For those of you who don’t know, there is a pretty creepy guy that, for all we know, has purposefully taken a later bus because I stopped taking the early one and stares me down like I have egg on my face every single day. No worries, I believe he is harmless but it is very gross and creepy nonetheless. However, I took a very late bus today so I did not see him. But, yesterday a talkative chubby older gentleman saw me on the bus and sat down and started asking me about my iPod. I didn’t really think it out of the ordinary, even though a part of me knew he was using the stupidest subject ever to spark up a conversation. But, no big deal….until you get on the same bus today and sit by me when there are 20 other seats open!! Jeez…

So, I told the Public Relations director at the station that I would help her with a little project…which turned into a HUGE project...today. She had me go through all the PSA’s sent to her from the Ad Council, among a mess of other non-profit organizations, and choose the ones that I thought would be suitable to go on air this quarter. FYI-every network television station has a certain amount of air time it must fill for free with advertising for non profits, and info for the good of the public etc, regulated by the FCC.

It was a tough job! I wanted to put a yes on everything! Unfortunately, if we said yes to everything we wouldn’t have time to air the news, or anything else that comes on CBS for that matter! And I like my NCIS..so… Anyway, it was terrible choosing between the Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Moms Against Drunk Driving and the like. I felt like I was saying, “Ehh…we can have a few more drunks on the road this summer as long as people know about this other organization.” Ugh..awful. I finally settled on what I think is a very diverse mix of quite a few good organizations.

After work, I had some time so instead of getting right on the bus I decided to hang out and walk around Westlake Mall. Okay, Westlake the area is great. It’s right by 5th Avenue and a very ritzy part of downtown and the outside patio in front of the mall is fabulous also. Much to my dismay, the mall is downright terrible. I know, I couldn’t believe it! The only merchandise sold in that mall are Affliction t-shirts and monogrammed bags. Need I say gross. Also, I was wearing my brown leather boots and didn’t know I would need traction hiking shoes for the mall! The floor in this place was shiny and so slick that I almost busted it at least 3 times. Taking the east exit as soon as my shoes would allow, I decided I will stick to my 5th Avenue trek in downtown from now on. Even though, I need not even go in LV or Gucci, they are infinitely more fun to window shop. :)

Short blog-going to Greenlake tomorrow :) Until then….




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Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Caffeine and Justice

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Woke up late this morning…..which means I could not go to Tully’s for coffee which is the exact opposite of good. I literally felt like I was going to fall asleep even in the live truck! We were out doing things and I was sitting in the back seat about to fall asleep, for crying out loud. It was so weird, I went to sleep in time to get about 8 hours but this freaking street that I live on is so loud, and the stupid sun comes up at 5:30!! I thought I could escape the haunting burning sun when I left the sub-tropics and now here it is biting me in the butt in the Pacific Northwest…oh well.

At work, I went out with a reporter to do a follow up story of a 12 year old boy who was shot and killed in April. The area we went to is called Skyway. Skyway….ehh…not great. There is a lot of gang activity in the neighborhood so it’s not a super safe place. Anyway, back in April the aforementioned boy was walking home from Wal-Mart, with his football cleats that he had saved up money for by mowing grass. At the same time and about two blocks from his home, there was a shooting between some gang members and one of them was shot (not fatally). A friend of the injured gangster drove away from the scene. Originally, police thought that the 12 year old boy had just been hit by a stray bullet from the gunfight. However, we now know that the man leaving the scene continued down the street, saw the boy, and for some reason shot him in the back. Alajawon (the 12 year old boy) dropped his cleats and struggled to get to a seven-eleven around the corner where he collapsed and died.

Police now have the man in custody and he will appear in court in July on charges of first degree murder. The story is so weird, though and very interesting. After shooting Alajawon, the man drove through a red light intersection hitting 3 cars, and then kept going. A concerned citizen followed him to a remote industrial park in Renton, where he drove down to a cul-de-sac and dropped something in a field. This eyewitness combined with a surveillance camera at the scene, led officers to the gun that killed the boy and the DNA on that gun, which matched this man. But, as we found out upon arriving today, the police know it was this man that dropped the guns because he dropped them………………………….outside of an armory. I’m serious! As in, he dropped them where the Brinks trucks get their money from. There were not 1, not 2, or even 3, but FIFTEEN visible cameras from where we stood in the field today. Ha….thank God for stupid criminals.

The live trucks are fun. They are literally mobile newsrooms like the vans say, which is really cool. Except, it is easy to lose crap in there! There is so much going on that I’m always looking for my cell phone or my pen or my reporter’s notebook, something! It’s crazy! But, I like it.:) I also like being a part of a job where you don’t sit in an office all day. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I sort of wish I was sitting in a cubicle because I’m exhausted and I want to chill/work……but it’s so much more adventurous this way. I will say that about being a reporter-this is a career for curious people. You get to meet so many people that you would otherwise never meet in your life., and experience so many quirky and amazing things with people and hear their stories. It’s sort of great.:)

Until next time……

Song of the Day: "Samson" Regina Spektor




Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am literally exhausted. I think yesterday is catching up with me today. Not to mention, today’s subjects weren’t exactly thrilling. So, I would like to apologize in advance if tonight’s blog sucks.

Federal Way is a little suburb in/around Seattle where the two teens that were killed by a drunk driver lived. We went to the funeral of one of those kids today. It was weird how many similarities there were between this boy and people I know. I mean, outside of the fact that he was a young boy and liked to have fun..etc etc.
There were like real parallels there, from the things he liked to do to the kind of friends he had. Anyway, it creeped me out.

After the service, the family walked out first and watching them made me hope that I don’t ever have to be one of those of people for someone that close to me. It also forced me to hope that my family never has to be on the receiving end of that kind of grief for me.

Sorry, no romping today. I got a Yunnie icy on the way home, had some soup, and now I’m out. I’ll try not to bore everyone to tears tomorrow….

P.S. I’m freaking cold…..I had to come home and snuggle up in a sweatshirt and pants. Then, I had soup with my icy for dinner. I like contradictions.:)


Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

The Flood is Coming……..and a Punch in the Face

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woah…..information overload. Today was nuts! It befit that description at 6pm when we “thought” the day was over. From the top…..

I went out again today with one of the best reporters, and found myself in quite a sketchy neighborhood, as I presume I often will in this line of work. Oh well, it was worth it. We were covering what is turning out to be a pretty controversial story and was the lead at 5 and 6. A lot of people in Seattle, particularly in the neighborhood the instance occurred, have approached us today with comments about this story. In short, a high school in south Seattle asked for police to crack down on J -walking on a very busy street in front of the school because it is dangerous. There is a cross walk bridge the students are supposed to take. Yesterday, four girls J-walked and an officer tried to stop them to give them a ticket and they resisted arrest. The following occurred:


The link below is to a survey of people on the web with interesting results. You can vote after watching the video if you want.


So, we headed first to the Seattle Police Dept headquarters to get a statement from the deputy police chief. After that we headed to a noon press conference at the urban league where the NAACP and several ministers and community leaders spoke. Obviously, there are two sides to the story and I see valid points on both. As much as some of my friends and family would probably love for me to go on one of my soulful rants, I will not.  In the true spirit of journalism, I will let everyone else decide what they think.

Later, we headed to the school where it all happened. As we were arriving, there were police lights and two more people on a cop car! The reporter was writing his script for his live shot/package and told me I could go over and see what the heck was going on if I wanted. Of course, I leaped out of the van and almost forgot my reporter’s notebook. I crossed the bridge and stood there for a minute until I saw the two kids who had just been on the cop cars walking towards me. They started talking to me about their experience with police in the area and the photog was there at the point and I was interviewing them!! Straight up! He basically threw the mic at me and said hold this up to them and keep going. He even let me keep asking MY questions!

We got their names and he ingested the footage to send it back to the station. We had more time before the actual reporter was going live because the president was speaking, pushing the newscast back. So, the photog took me up to the bridge to shoot some stand ups and they turned out awesome. He told me I was a “natural,” which I acted casually about but actually made me jump for joy on the inside that someone in the industry would say that to me. 


After the reporter did the live shot, the photog was watching the feed from the mini TVs in the live truck and said “Look, they’re using our footage.” They were using the stuff from earlier! The MOS’s (that means man on the scene or witnesses) that I hunted down and interviewed!! 


I had a smile on my face and was in a generally cheery mood when the reporter said “Oh, man we gotta go.” The desk called and asked us to head down to Kent, which is about thirty minutes outside of Seattle, to a flooded mobile home complex. Lake Meridian, made up of the glacial waters from the nearby mountain ranges, had flooded this place because a dam had partially broken….or something..  Sorry guys..I was pooped by this time! Lol….

So, we went to Kent and there were little kids running around and playing in the water and people trying to clean up. The ducks were swimming in the parking lot and none of us had boots. Also, today was an especially chilly summer day, even for Washington and it was 50 degrees outside. I stood just outside where the waters reached the homes and held the photog’s tripod because it couldn’t go into the soggy trailers with him. My lips must have been turning blue because a very friendly fireman on the scene lent me a blanket from their truck. I overheard heard them all discussing the Floridian intern girl when I left. But, most of all they felt empathy. I must look pathetic or defenseless. Lol….


After we headed to the lake to see the damage there, the reporter said we could head back. I was really not the least bit excited about catching a bus so late, but it was well worth the adventure. On the way home, the reporter was going to get on a bus back to his neighborhood from somewhere instead of going all the way back to the station. So, I asked them if they could just drop us in the U-district and I could walk. So, I didn’t have to pay for a bus, and I jumped out of the news van and walked across the street to my apartment.  Ahh….now I have really got to catch some zzzz’s if I want to be able to do this again tomorrow!!

Until then…..

Song of the Day- “Where Does the Good Go” Tegan and Sara


Jaded in Emerald City..Fabulous Day

Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Monday, June 14, 2010

Buck Up

I don’t even know how to properly start today’s blog, I’m so excited! I guess I’ll start from the beginning and work my way up to the big finish. 

Walking into the newsroom today felt a little bit more comfortable. I’m falling into my element more each day, so I was excited about what I might get to do today. I went out on assignment with a great reporter this morning that was so helpful and actually took the time to explain what he was doing so that I could learn and take notes.

First, we headed to City Hall to a “newser” with the mayor. (This is sort of like a press conference but only the reporters and stuff are there.) He held a budget meeting this morning and was following that with a commission for musicians in Seattle initiative press conference. But, what we really went there to ask him was something totally different. He made a statement last week concerning saving money in the budget by arranging for the Fire Department to have 3 men on an emergency response truck rather than the standard 4.


Over the weekend, a fire broke out in a public housing duplex in Fremont, killing 5 people ages 5-22. The fire was the worst fire in Seattle in almost 40 years. Basically, the FD arrived at the scene and for some reason, they hooked the hose up to the hydrant, pulled the lever….and nothing happened. They are sending the truck back to the manufacturer for inspection.

So, we, among the other stations and the paper, were there to ask him if he still feels that it’s a good idea to decrease the FD budget. After the music newser was done, the mayor invited the media up to his office on the top floor of city hall for further questions related to the fire. I went in there!!  Needless to say, the mayor expressed his dismay at the situation, and told the media that, though the two things were unrelated, he did not feel that this would be the best time to make budget cuts within the fire department. Ya’ think?


We left the mayor and went to the scene of the fire in Fremont where a memorial was set up for the children who died. There were so many bouquets and notes and items unique to each child who died in the fire. The people were refugees from Ethiopia, as many of the families on that particular street are. We walked back into the apartments to the scene of the fire, where the duplex was scorched from the inside out. An Ethiopian man thought the reporter was from the Housing Administration, even though G held up his badge and said KIRO-TV. The man didn’t speak very good English and when the photographer held the camera up to him, he realized that we were from the media. He didn’t feel like speaking to us, I think because it was difficult for him to. The deep sunken wrinkles around his face and ceremonial tribal cap made it clear that he was one of the community elders, come to speak on behalf of the family.



Later, as I was sitting by the memorial taking notes and writing down my observations, a lady named Sherry came over to speak to me. She asked me if I was with the media and when I confirmed she just said, “”Oh.” I quickly told her that I was an intern and that piqued her interest enough to keep talking with me. She just apologized and said that she wished I didn’t have to experience things like this so soon. I told her it wasn’t the first time since I started the job that I’ve faced something difficult, she had heard about the two dead teens last Friday. She just replied, “Oh, God bless you. Well, don’t worry, you’ll become a veteran and then you’ll be fine!” I told her that I hoped I never become numb to the sadness and that in my opinion, every person’s story is unique to them. She seemed touched, and didn’t really know what to say. I think she was appreciative; she just smiled and agreed with me.

A photographer that I worked with on my first day came out to the scene with another reporter as well; they were covering a different angle of the story for the 6 broadcast. On my first day, he told me about how tough you have to be to do this job sometimes and I didn’t really think much of it at the time. After what I went through this weekend, it seems like I should’ve listened closer. As I was standing in reverie in front of the memorial, he came over and said, “So, how ya’ doing, kid?” I told him that it was sad that so many children had to die and he said this is what I was trying to tell you. I regaled him with a ten second short version of my Friday story and he replied, “Yup, I once covered 12 deaths in 2 weeks. Buck Up,” and lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

So, that’s what I did.  After the reporter I was tagging along with finished his script he said the sweetest words, “Why don’t you write a stand up, and we’ll tape it when I’m done?” Glitter came falling from the sky and my heart did a little happy dance. I had about thirty minutes, so I climbed up into the driver’s seat of the live van and started writing. Not to toot my own horn,  but I really didn’t need thirty minutes, probably because I’d secretly been thinking about it all day. So, I wrote three different scripts until I settled on my favorite. I read it to him and he didn’t even make any corrections! He said good job!  We taped 4 different stand ups so that I would have one that I was really happy with and he coached me the whole way and thought it was great that I could remember so much, because I had written myself sort of a lengthy s/u for my first time. (Well, first time in the field under a time crunch, with a pro!) So, it was a fabulous and it put me in a mood of the same.


After work, I got on my bus. My transfer at the tunnel in Westlake Center is so nice. Don’t you just love when your bus stop smells like a Macy’s? I know I sure do.  On top of that, I made it home with absolutely no problem today. Life is good.

Very very pleasantly jaded….

Song of the Day: “1901” Phoenix….It always makes me happy 


Jaded in Emerald City 4th ed

Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Androgyny, the Metro Cinema, and Parks Galore

Wearing boy’s clothes is the most fun! So, I got this men’s tailored Hilfiger shirt at the Goodwill on the ave. I’ve wanted one forever and I wore it today with a belt and leggings and it was probably one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn. It was girly and cute in a very casual, relaxed sort of way. It was insanely comfortable but I still felt like I could go anywhere because the outfit is so versatile. So, I had to take a photo of it on the way out the door! Anyway, now I’m on the prowl for more dudes’ hand me downs. J

The movie Killers is hilarious. Ashton Kutcher is so great, I’m glad he has returned from his brief film star hiatus and is going to start making movies for us again. Anyway, I saw the film at the Landmark Metro, which is just 5 blocks or so from my house. I know, how great is that? For those of you who know, I watch a lot of movies so I’m pretty thrilled. The theater was old Hollywood style with steps going up to a platform where a big circular concession stand sits. It was cool to go in an older movie theater because all the ones back home are so new-it was an experience. On the way there, I walked past a car just like mine parked in a lot on the ave. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve never missed Lola Corolla so much. L I saw myself hopping in her and driving my little hearts content to wherever I wanted to go. INSTEAD of dealing with King County Metro. Oh well.

Since I was only walking a few blocks, and it was very sunny, I got a chance to wear these beauties again! vvvv In combination with my comfy attire and the delectable treat I was about to enjoy, this put me in a very good mood. J

I have to tell everyone about Yunni Bubble Tea. I went to get an icy (yes its “icy” not “icee” from this placeJ ) after the movies and before the park. It is very hard for me not to go to Yunni every single day because it is so delicious. If you could pack Yunni and send it home to Jacksonville, I would definitely get to shipping, because this stuff is amazing. I get a passion fruit and coconut flavored tea icy. I’m salivating just thinking about it…..I walked about a mile to Ravenna Park after that. It’s okay, I guess, nothing special-it’s just a park. The best thing about it is the most charming houses you’ve ever seen you have to pass on the way. But, on the way home I stumbled upon another little park called Cowen Park. This place is so gorgeous. I think I finally found my Sunday reading spot!

Back to the grind tomorrow….I hope there is some good news in Seattle….



Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

5th Avenue and the Forsaken Metro Transit

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walking down the ave this morning was like strolling through a scene in a movie, it was so gorgeous. The temperature stayed around 72 degrees all day with a slight breeze and perfect sunshine, which apparently is not uncharacteristic of the city this time of year. Summer gives Seattleites a clause in the rainy Northwest Washington contract. According to statistics, it pours less in the 98105 this time of year than in Ft. Lauderdale. But, the locals have been complaining about the unseasonably wet summer so far, so the Florida vs. Washington amiable weather contest is yet to be determined…by me. J

I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, despite some loud 5 am partyers and the early morning sun determined to shine in my window around the same time. Apparently, expressing your feelings can be very cathartic in a bad situation, even if it’s just to yourself. Also, I really think that once you recognize that something has happened, and then acknowledge the fact that you can’t change it, it liberates you by enabling you to just be available for the person who is hurting as a shoulder to cry on, and move forward. In the spirit of that, I decided to wander the ave this morning and take in the weather.

People watching on University Way is so fun… The U-District in itself is made up of so many characters. But, the best part of the morning was going to the Farmers Market across the street again. It’s so relaxing and everyone is just in a friendly mood there. My peonies are gorgeous, as you can see. They are bathing in the sun in my window sill and opening up to say hello to me. J

I changed outfits before I went downtown. It’s probably silly, but the tank top and jeans I wore on the ave this morning just didn’t seem appropriate for a late afternoon on 5th in downtown. So, I wore a dress and Keds to Westlake Center this afternoon. On the way there, (after I was en route of course) the bus driver proceeded to announce that the Westlake tunnel, as well as every other transit tunnel in downtown was closed for repairs. ……..Hey guy! You couldn’t have mentioned that when I got on this godforsaken bus in the U-district ten miles ago?! In other words, good freaking luck trying to find a bus that goes back to where you came from!

So, thank God for those Keds. By now, I just accepted the fact that I am literally never going to go anywhere on the bus without some kind of snafu and……went in to H&M. J I only went in for a little while because, honestly, the one by my apartment is so much nicer than the one in downtown. There are a lot of tourists in the downtown store and it gets stressful. But, I very resourcefully found my way to a bus stop that took me to the U-district and made it back home to write this blog tonight. Pretty uneventful day, well besides the getting completely stranded in downtown…..again…..but by now I’d say that’s routine.

Until next week…(that’s tomorrow tehe J)

Song of the Day: “Bryn”-Vampire Weekend

P.S. What’s the deal with brogues? Why can’t I find any anywhere? I’m not even sure what I’m going to wear them with…but I keep telling myself they’ll be one of those things I’ll want to wear all the time….whatever…