Jaded in Emerald City 1st ed

Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Wednesday, June 9th

Ahh…Pioneer Square. Okay, it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But, it was oneof those must see type deals. So, I decided to check it out. Well, therein lies half of today’s adventure. I took the 49 from the U-district all the way to Broadway through Capitol Hill and got off at Pine. Okay, Pine street is no small trek of a road.

So, here I go off romping down Pine in a somewhat seedy neighborhood I might add. I started to console myself with every passing restaurant and coffee shop. So, finally I start to see people and taxis and buildings. I really didn’t care whether P square was in this direction or not, I just decided to use the amount of activity as my compass at this point.

I walked and walked and walked..(I hope I end up ten pounds lighter when I leave this town) until I found myself meandering through the racks at Nordstrom. Yeah, I know, it’s my internal compass! I can’t help it! I think the powers that be must have been testing my selfcontrol. While I did end up in the dressing room, I did not purchase a single item. J

Though, I am absolutely lusting a medium brown satchel I happened to stumble upon, which would be a match made in boho heaven with the crème boyfriend tee and ikat shorts I tried on. But, I digress.

As it turns out, my savvy shopperific internal sniffer proved helpful. Outside of Nordstrom, there was a sign pointing in the direction of Pioneer Square. Hallelujah.

The square, which isn’t really a square by the way, is pretty much like a Native American smaller version of Central Park. But, it seems the place to go if you feel like people watching. Some pretty interesting characters inhabit the square, from tourists to working professionals to professionals at not working. J

I brought Lady Chatterley’s Lover with me thinking I could have an existentially romantic ideal afternoon, reading on a bench in the square. That was a bust. From the lady beside me bogarting her sandwich for fear that I would steal it and the noise from the sightseers on Bill Spiedel’s underground tour, I found myself reading the same line about Clifford’s overbearing sensitivity to Constance in regards to his writing over and over again as if it was an epiphany each time.

So, the wrap on Pioneer Square is-tourist attraction. If you ever come to Seattle, do it. Just once. Other than that, the square remains a place I’m not going to go back to very often. It took me twenty minutes to find the bus station that was five minutes from my original starting point. To go just about anywhere in town from Pioneer Square, you have to go through the tunnel. The tunnel is really one of the only areas of Seattle I’ve seen that looked a little sketch to me. (as shown above)

But, I’m so glad I don’t have a car, because I really love riding the bus in Seattle. You get to really look at so many people that you would otherwise never see. All the people on the bus are making their way through such different walks of life and it is so interesting to watch. I love everyone’s style here. People just dress however they want to dress without any indie or retro pretentious crap. They just dress. It’s so liberating, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s also really inspired me to look at my closet in a new way. J

I start my internship at KIRO tomorrow. I’m still undecided about what to wear. Presently, I’m thinking a simple navy mini dress, crew neck, cap sleeved, with wood/gold H&M necklace and brown aldo pumps. Thoughts?

*Song of the Day: What Part of Forever (Johan Hugo remix), Cee-Lo Green

In celebration of the Eclipse soundtrack release. :)

I hope you enjoyed my blog! I am going to try to blog as much as possible while here! To see all of my photos from today's adventure check out my facebook page!


  1. thats my best friend! Awesome shan!

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  3. Sounds like you had an awesome adventure today. Keep the posts coming so I can see Seattle through your eyes.

  4. You never cease to amaze me! LOVE the blog!!! Keep it coming sis! Love you!!

    p.s. Navy dress sounds FAB!! =)

  5. Lovin' this whole experience for you!!!...ENJOY!!...:)

  6. i am so happy for you......jealous....but very happy that you are making things happen for you in your life.....this is just the beginning of your amazing dreams to come true....
    love ya
    auntie lisa