Jaded in Emerald City

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June 24, 2009

Busy busy busy! I went out with the reporter I go out with the most often today. He’s always the most helpful and freely gives me tips on my stand ups and my writing. But, this is the first time that I have been out in the field with someone who’s had to turn two stories in one day! It was pretty stressful…but very fun, too.

Can I just say that I totally cherish my youth? Whenever I start to get stressed out about finding a career, and a CITY to live in no less a house, and everything else in life…I just tell myself-“You are so young,” and it cheers me right up! I’m even younger than my already young peers! :) So, if I want to try my hand at something and I can’t do it or I don’t like it then I can just move on to the next thing. My education and experience has prepared me for almost any possible future. No big deal, no time lost. Not to mention, my ridiculously supportive family will always be waiting in the wings no matter what. Jeez, I’m blessed. Alright, I’m done wallowing in emotion now…lol.

We finished the reporter’s live shot near a bus stop so I decided to just walk there instead of heading back to the studio at the end of the day. As I was leaving the van, he called me back and said he forgot to tell me something. He said, “The other day when Waltz [the photographer] got back, we kept trying to figure out who your camera style reminded us of ..then we both said at the same time Lara Logan and you look a lot like her.” I totally do look like her! I mean, in my opinion, she is a more intense version of pretty than I probably am. But, its actually weird because I do resemble her. But, whats more is that she is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS in D.C. Umm…..wow. Thank you..….for saying that my camera presence is similar to hers. I love that guy! This is what she looks like in a myriad of look a like doppleganger photos with me: lol...

Until tomorrow....

Song of the Day- “Sun Hands” Local Natives

P.S. The following photo is amazing….I want to go to this place…how cool? A wall of books!!!!


  1. ok.....thats a little freaky.....I used to think you looked alot like me.....but now i see
    you have found a look-a-like.....that could be your twin..... lol
    somebody better start doing some explaining.....
    "danny"......"rita"....... lol .....jk

    miss you....

  2. Wow!! The resemblance is uncanny...but I promise you don't have a long lost twin out there! I was awake when you were born and know that only one baby came out!! :) Seriously, for your camera presence to be compared to hers really is a great compliment coming from a seasoned reporter and photographer. As I have said so many times, you totally amaze me and I am so proud of you, and, you are right, with your educational background and experience, you are prepared for many career possibilities.

    Love you...