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June 22, 2009

Can I just tell you that slow news days are really annoying? Jeez.. I sat in the newsroom for FOUR hours today before I got to do anything. That pretty much never happens….actually yeah that never happens. I wanted to go rob someone or light something on fire so I would have something to go out on….but I’m pretty sure arson is a felony and I wasn’t in the mood for a stick up. I didn’t have my ski mask handy either…


Thank God for Chelsea. I was sitting at the computer in my reverie really not even looking at anything when I heard somebody say, “Hey intern!” lol….she’s one of the coolest photogs….So, I went out in the live van to set up a shot for our political reporter at 5. At least sitting in Belltown is better than sitting at the desk.

Apparently, there has been quite a bit of violence in the neighborhood lately and Belltown is supposed to be pretty nice and very safe. The neighborhood council was getting ready to have a meeting at the Labor Temple about what can be done. Also, I met another one of the interns, a photographer’s intern…very interesting job.


Until tomorrow….(when hopefully I will be covering some breaking news in this metropolitan area of nearly 5 million people!!…jeez)

Song of the Day-“So Far Around the Bend” The National

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  1. Love the picture of you being bored!! :)
    I have always heard that "no news is good news", but I guess when you are "in the business" that is not necessarily so.

    Still enjoying your blog...

    Love you.