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Follow the Yellow Boring Road….

June 29, 2010

As I walked in to the station this morning, I realized that, after only one day off my usual schedule, I missed the newsroom! I noticed the way it smelled and looked and was so excited all over again! :) I guess that’s a good sign…most people groan when they have to head back to work after a hiatus, even if it was only a day. I also really appreciate the experience my internship lends me; I realized today that I would never know where so many things are if it weren’t for riding around in the live trucks day after day. I probably know more about Seattle than some people who live and work in the city! :)

However, politics are apparently fun to debate but NO fun to report on. :(
I was bored out of my mind today! The political reporter is a very nice man but not super talkative and neither was the photog. Reporting on the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Highway 99 viaduct doesn’t exactly get my blood pumping. Traffic people.….that’s what we’re talking about here-roads….just streets. Apparently, people are hyped up about some budget over run a segment of the viaduct could cause, but even that sector wasn’t being started today! Ugh…it all seems like monotony to me.


I also realized why I NEVER wear headbands! The government should use them as a torture tool in a new tactic….put really cheap plastic headbands on enemies of the state and don’t take them off until you get the truth out of them! They’ll either go crazy or have to be hospitalized for life threatening migraines before it’s all said and done….sheesh…

But, there WAS something that made me smile at the groundbreaking ceremony-a drumline. I had half a mind to break into “It’s great to be a First Coast Buccaneer!” A montage of cheerleading uniforms, pom poms, camp instructors, and stunts played in my head to the beat. At the risk of sounding corny, (too late I know) I really loved that time in my life and I didn’t appreciate it then! Ahh…nostalgia, so good for the heart sometimes.

Until tomorrow….

Song of the Day: “No Envy No Fear” Joshua Radin

P.S. Mayor Mike McGinn looks like Santa Claus…..


  1. loved the gold toed shoes......sweet

    flats? or heels?

    gad ur having fun.....and enjoying this time in your life.....

    miss you

  2. Hmm...I don't remember seeing those shoes when I was there - are they new? I like them!

    Isn't it amazing how you can already look back on your time in high school and miss the more simpler time in your life? Bet you didn't expect that so soon.

    I love you and miss you bunches...