Jaded in Emerald City 4th ed

Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Androgyny, the Metro Cinema, and Parks Galore

Wearing boy’s clothes is the most fun! So, I got this men’s tailored Hilfiger shirt at the Goodwill on the ave. I’ve wanted one forever and I wore it today with a belt and leggings and it was probably one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn. It was girly and cute in a very casual, relaxed sort of way. It was insanely comfortable but I still felt like I could go anywhere because the outfit is so versatile. So, I had to take a photo of it on the way out the door! Anyway, now I’m on the prowl for more dudes’ hand me downs. J

The movie Killers is hilarious. Ashton Kutcher is so great, I’m glad he has returned from his brief film star hiatus and is going to start making movies for us again. Anyway, I saw the film at the Landmark Metro, which is just 5 blocks or so from my house. I know, how great is that? For those of you who know, I watch a lot of movies so I’m pretty thrilled. The theater was old Hollywood style with steps going up to a platform where a big circular concession stand sits. It was cool to go in an older movie theater because all the ones back home are so new-it was an experience. On the way there, I walked past a car just like mine parked in a lot on the ave. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve never missed Lola Corolla so much. L I saw myself hopping in her and driving my little hearts content to wherever I wanted to go. INSTEAD of dealing with King County Metro. Oh well.

Since I was only walking a few blocks, and it was very sunny, I got a chance to wear these beauties again! vvvv In combination with my comfy attire and the delectable treat I was about to enjoy, this put me in a very good mood. J

I have to tell everyone about Yunni Bubble Tea. I went to get an icy (yes its “icy” not “icee” from this placeJ ) after the movies and before the park. It is very hard for me not to go to Yunni every single day because it is so delicious. If you could pack Yunni and send it home to Jacksonville, I would definitely get to shipping, because this stuff is amazing. I get a passion fruit and coconut flavored tea icy. I’m salivating just thinking about it…..I walked about a mile to Ravenna Park after that. It’s okay, I guess, nothing special-it’s just a park. The best thing about it is the most charming houses you’ve ever seen you have to pass on the way. But, on the way home I stumbled upon another little park called Cowen Park. This place is so gorgeous. I think I finally found my Sunday reading spot!

Back to the grind tomorrow….I hope there is some good news in Seattle….



  1. I saw a girl in a magazine wearing an outfit like that just the other day and I thought "Hmm...wonder if I could pull that off?"...and here you are doing it! funny!! You look awesome! Glad you had a great day...you deserve it! Love you!

  2. Cute outfit...I LOVE the satchel by the way! It should come in very handy and be much easier to carry around on your romps through the City - safer, too. Glad you got to see a movie today and enjoy more of the city - without having to get on the bus! Can't wait til tomorrow's posting. :)

    Love you xoxox

  3. love....love the outfit....very chic in deed! and you through it all together and zipped it with a belt and some fabulous shoes....and bam ....you look fabulously amazing.....but yet....don't look like you tried to look fabulously amazing..... i love it!!
    the bag too.....just makes you fit right in on your weekend romps with the rest of the seattle rompers.....
    living this adventure through you....and loving it....
    love you
    miss you