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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am literally exhausted. I think yesterday is catching up with me today. Not to mention, today’s subjects weren’t exactly thrilling. So, I would like to apologize in advance if tonight’s blog sucks.

Federal Way is a little suburb in/around Seattle where the two teens that were killed by a drunk driver lived. We went to the funeral of one of those kids today. It was weird how many similarities there were between this boy and people I know. I mean, outside of the fact that he was a young boy and liked to have fun..etc etc.
There were like real parallels there, from the things he liked to do to the kind of friends he had. Anyway, it creeped me out.

After the service, the family walked out first and watching them made me hope that I don’t ever have to be one of those of people for someone that close to me. It also forced me to hope that my family never has to be on the receiving end of that kind of grief for me.

Sorry, no romping today. I got a Yunnie icy on the way home, had some soup, and now I’m out. I’ll try not to bore everyone to tears tomorrow….

P.S. I’m freaking cold…..I had to come home and snuggle up in a sweatshirt and pants. Then, I had soup with my icy for dinner. I like contradictions.:)

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  1. The weekend is almost here. Try to get some rest...that means resist the temptation to go exploring in Seattle. If weather permits, go to that beautiful park you told us about and enjoy a good book or listen to your iPod...just take it easy and DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS (which I guess is everyone in Seattle for you!) :) :) Love you!