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June 28, 2010

Okay, so long story short-went on a date with a really cute guy who turned out to be a total moron. Well, at least, he isn’t for me. This has really affected my opinion of Seattle men…Anyway, the problem is, he lives down the street from me!

He seems like a sweet enough guy and he’s pretty good looking but we have nothing in common. My plan of action was basically to ignore his texts and calls and any halfway intelligent person would get the picture. My plan began this morning when he texted me about hanging out again and I just didn’t answer. I was really feeling bad today because I couldn’t sleep last night. So, I stayed home from my internship and was going to get a coffee and some things from the store before starting my laundry.

As I was walking down the stairs, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be weird if I ran into him? Considering that he does live right down the street..” And who but my expectations do I see walking right past my stairway? Seriously, I audibly gasped and mumbled some unpleasantries under my breath. I half thought about doing an about face and running back into the safety of my apartment building, but the click of the automatic locking door behind me was doom personified. I would’ve made a bigger idiot out of myself by trying to go back in.

So, we met at the bottom of the stairs and said hello. I laid it on thick with my pathetic sick voice and told him that I left work because I wasn’t feeling well. (Why am I lying to this person that I don’t even know?!) Anyway, I told him I was walking to the drug store for some medicine hoping he’d leave me be…..Not a chance. “Do you need some company?” Sure!! :( Furthermore, I couldn’t even purchase my lady products that I actually needed and I had to buy some Excedrin for no reason! I quickly exited telling him that I needed some sleep…right away. The afternoon ensued with me dressing like a convict, wearing a hoodie pulled up in 75 degree weather with my glasses on in full disguise just so I could get my coffee and tampons! Ridiculous….

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day- “A Comet Appears” The Shins


  1. I like the picture of you "in congnito"...very cute!! Please send it to me if you took it with your phone. As for your date, you can either ignore him, or, tell him the truth. It's not like you will ever see him again once you get home. Or...you could be nice to him and get him to carry all of your stuff you need to mail home to the UPS store!! :) Just saying...

  2. so i guess his cuteness doesn't over rate his dumbness???

    u r too funny......u better watch out dressing like that....ur little thug guy from the other day might see u and really want to talk to you then..... lol

    miss you....

  3. ummm... really Shannon..... this is when you need Sara... she is a little more bold than you are!!! Just my humble opinion!!! I just told your Dad i like the picture too. the sunglasses and hoodie!!!! pretty darn cute!!!!!

  4. A date? Don:t make me come out there. Get to work. Hope you feel better. Call me.Dad.

  5. A couple of things...first and foremost, I laugh hysterically everytime I think about you telling me this story (and the incognito pick is priceless!). Secondly, who taught dad how to post a comment??? LOL. Also, what is Terri trying to say...I'm "bolder" than you?? Nice way of saying I'm a B...thanks auntie T.

    Anyway, guess this was a lesson learned...don't go on a date with a guy that you meet in a coffee shop (or that calls you dollface...bahahahaha!!!)

    Love you! =)

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  7. Mom and Terri-thanks! Glad to know I can still impress at least someone in sweats!

    Dad-Don't worry, I pretty much never want to see this person again :) He's annoying...

    Sara-Glad my life could provide you with such comic relief...jeez...lol

  8. I so LOVE this picture!!