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June 25, 2010

When people said that Greenlake was comparable to Central Park, I didn’t really believe it, even though I’ve never been to New York therefore I’m ineligible to make the comparison. But, holy crow it is big!! The perimeter comes out to about 3 miles total. Yeah, I didn’t walk to the other side considering that I just walked to the lake instead of taking the bus which is a mile and half trek in and of itself. It’s also similar in that it is very beautiful.

The sun didn’t quite peak through the cloud ceiling today but it was nice anyway. It might’ve even been hot if the sun had actually some out. The breeze continually blew off the lake and made its way through the trees creating a whooshing whisper sound all around me every so often. It gave the place a kind of exclusivity. The park is a perfect place for reading. There are tons of ducks walking around, as well! I wish Trey would’ve been here-he would’ve loved that! :)

I probably walked about 5 miles today in total. After I got back from Greenlake Park, I caught a bus to Northgate because I needed to go to an actual mall. Usually, that’s not necessary because there are a million stores on the ave I can walk to, but their shoe selection is a little sparse. Well, it’s not that it’s lacking as much as that I just wasn’t in the mood to fork over that much for a pair of flats today. :)

On the way back to the U-district, the bus took a different route than I’m used to. I never go to that part of town so obviously I’ve never taken a bus back. It went through the UW campus. Jealous. It’s so gorgeous! I’ve discovered something about myself lately. I seriously like being in nature. I love the seclusion of naturally beautiful places. Reading a book in a beautiful place in the woods actually sounds pretty appealing. I wasn’t much of an outdoorsy girl growing up, and I still don’t fit the part (the most hiking I ever do is to the third floor of Nordstrom) but I really admire it. I wish I were tougher, maybe I could be a white water rafting guide or a climbing instructor. :) Oh well.

You know what else I adore? A versatile piece in my wardrobe! I have this ikat print dress that I am no longer interested in. So, I cut it into a shirt and tucked into this mini today and I got several compliments on this outfit! :) A few people thought it was one piece. Ahh…guess I’m just a material girl after all. :)

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day: “Untitled” Interpol

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