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A Breath of Fresh Air…..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is exactly what you need to clear your head. :) I actually got to go out with a reporter who was doing a wrap (or a package…aka NOT doing it live, preparing it beforehand.) It was really refreshing….literally. We were doing a story on how the weather is affecting campers and outdoorsy people. We got to go to a campsite south of Seattle and it was so gorgeous, the sun was shining through the trees and everything was so GREEN! We interviewed a family with two little girls who were 8 and 5…the younger one came up and gave me a flower while I was standing there. So cute! :)

Well, very short blog tonight because I need some sleep.

Song of the Day- "Rolling In on a Burning Tire" The Dead Weather

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  1. Camping is awesome!! I love it!! That is if I have a camper and A/C. :) I bet camping at one of the campgrounds at Mt. Ranier would be incredible.

    Love you...