Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly

Alki Keen

July 1, 2010

Self Portrait

First thing this morning, I went out with a reporter and photog to the Tacoma dome to get an interview; then we headed back in to Seattle toward the palisades to get to the marina. Elliot Bay Marina is so elegant. There is a restaurant on the top of the boathouse that made me wish I was donning Breton stripes and Sperry topsiders so I could go schmooze with those folks! :) It was so great….

After the marina, we had to go interview a Coast Guard lieutenant at the Federal building downtown and then head to West Seattle for the live shot. The story was based around the oil spill in the gulf and the fact that members of the USCG are being pulled out of the Northwest in some areas and stationed temporarily in the Gulf….so we needed a great shot of Puget Sound (where the coast guard should usually be..) for the shot.

Live Shot

West Seattle is like its own town. Many of the reporters and photographers at the station live or have lived in West Seattle in Admiral Way or Alki Beach. This city continues to amaze me with all that it has to offer because there are just so many different areas. I know that the city is geographically smaller than Jacksonville but there are infinitely more neighborhoods! It’s so weird…

Alki Beach has the most gorgeous view of the city in the area, and the neighborhood itself is amazing. If I ever lived in Seattle, I would buy a home on Alki beach because it is a fantastic place with a really cool vibe. A slew of coffee and burger shacks sit right past Duwamish Head before the beach and if you continue on, there are quite a few fish and chips restaurants and specialty stores. (As you can imagine they’re quite big on fish and chips in this area…) There are a lot of cyclists and rollerbladers and the whole area, from the businesses to the houses, is very quaint and charming.

We had a lot of time today before going live so I got to go exploring while the reporter logged tapes. I made the most of it and I only really trespassed once or twice! ;) I found the most pleasant little viewspots all around the island. Also, I took photos of the most amazing beach cottages! When I got back, I got to do my stand up at the view with the city behind me, which is going to look AMAZING on my reel!! :)

Yeah...that hasn't really kept me out in the past....

Until tomorrow….

Song of the Day- “I Go to the Barn Because I Like The” Band of Horses


  1. Hey Pleasantly Jaded!!!! You have a new follower; Christy Wolf here in the office just found out this am (via me)what you were doing and where. She is extremely jealous!!! She has always wanted to visit Seattle!!! so ... needles to say... she will be following your blog beginning this weekend!!!!! I love the pics today and commentary!!! You go girl!!!!!!! email me pics of the cottages please!! love ya, Auntie T

  2. well...if your auntie T would get a facebook....she would see all the pics...but no....you have to go the extra step and email them to her.....lol
    even edward has a fb page....geez

    love the pink cottage.....fabulous.....love all the pics...

    it's such a chic but yet quaint looking area....i love it....

    glad your still loving it.....
    hope you are off somewhere fabulous today on your day off taking more photos....
    love ya
    miss ya

  3. I love that first pciture of you in the tv. It's so artistic and clever.