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July 21, 2010

I’m a sleuth! Okay…not really. But, I did get to interview someone today who solved a 33 year old cold case murder! It was very cool because I actually wrote the all the questions and did the interview independently. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed…lol…oh well.

On the way there, the photographer told me to write up some questions based on the press release the PIO (public information officer) had sent out. “You’re not going to ask them?” I asked him. “What do you think you’re here for??” he said. :)

So, very long story short; 33 years ago this guy assaulted his wife and strangled her to death then put her body in her car and dropped it in the woods only 3 miles from their home. He was able to dispose of all the evidence…almost. But, a piece of the rope he used to strangle the woman fell behind her neck and the police have had it all these years. They visited the guy, who had remarried, in 2004 and swabbed his DNA but had to sit on it until they could get around to processing with the proper equipment. The alleged murdered died 6 months later of a brain tumor.

Now, 6 years later, they have run his DNA and it does match the DNA found on the piece of rope. The detective that has been working on the case for the past 6 years called the victim’s mother to let her know. She told him that she thought she was going to go to her grave never knowing for sure who killed her daughter. The scariest part of all is that the victim had a daughter with her husband (the killer) and after her death he isolated her from the maternal relatives. She and the grandmother and aunts and uncles are still estranged.

After returning to the station, I had a chance to sit down with a writer and be there as a fact checker since I did the interview. :) He also gave me some good advice and let me hang out while he wrote the whole thing. Anyway, kudos for justice!

Until tomorrow….(where I will have either lost or won a serious fight with the other interns over who will get to go see the Barefoot Bandit )

Song of the Day- “Madder Red” Yeasayer


  1. I saw on the KIRO website that the "barefoot bandit" had been returned to Seattle and wondered if you would get to follow up on that story...I think you should and you can tell them I said so!!

    I watched the cold case story on the news at 6 last night...very interesting. Too bad they didn't show you, but that's okay, I knew you were sitting right there with the detective. I'm so proud!!

    Love you...and hope you get the "barefoot bandit" story!!

  2. way to go shan.......breaking out with the big time stories...
    hope you get the Barefoot Bandit story too!
    I was watching that on the news the other day when they found him......

    Good Luck!

    see you soon....

  3. Shannon,

    This is Susan, Malia's sister in law. I have no way to get ahold of you without tipping Malia off so......
    Call me when you get this - 425-221-9788
    And delete this just in case - so Malia doesn't see it. I'll explain later.
    Thank you - Sorry I sound like a creeper :P