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July 25, 2010

shirt/vintage  skirt/express  shoes and bandeau/forever 21  wristlet..cosmetic bag/Marc Jacobs  charm bracelet/gift from my grandmother  necklace/jewelry store on Melrose
So, I would say that this black mini is the most worn item in my closet. It goes with everything, I can’t resist putting it on!! I tucked this tunic I snagged on a recent thrifting expedition into it and it made for a super comfy outfit. Honestly though, this get up is a little more rock and roll than I usually am. Maybe because of all the black….but I guess I’m sort of more of a hippie. :) So, this one was a tiny stretch. I felt like I needed to throw in some earth tones or a vest or something. I actually thought about putting a braid in my hair to add a little more me to it, but eventually just conceded and let it hang loose. Adding a ton of accessories would have ruined the integrity of the outfit so I decided against it. 

I thought the colors were a little dark for summer, though. So, I added this strawberry pendant necklace that I got at the cutest jewelry shop on Melrose in L.A. a couple years ago. For the life of me, I can not remember the name of it. Sorry!

I think I found my ideal photo spot today. We shot these just right under my apartment in a little recess behind the dumpster area. Lol… The lighting was perfect, though and it was so much cooler (literally) in there than anywhere else on the street because the sun never gets a chance to shine in! Also, it is on a decline so the vantage point of the photographer is perf! My lovely roommate has obliged to take my outfit photos for me while I’m here. She looked at me a little crazy when I chose the location, but luckily she trusted my photography experience and the photos came out great! Thanks Malia!

So, I was thinking a lot over coffee this morning. It must have been the extra espresso shot that got my wheels turning! :) Anyway, there is something so liberating about not letting things get to you. Before I came to Seattle, I think I let some things fester for too long. Taking control of your life instead of letting someone else control it, well it’s just magnificent. I guess you could say it was like an awakening. Life is too sweet and much too short to waste your time on people you can’t control. I know, all of you are saying “Duh!” But, I’m sort of just realizing this; my outlook was a little too cloudy to see the sunny forecast before.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that….that’s how sweet life is. Good things are a comin’. I’m on a roll now. It’s sort of like, if you take that first step off the ledge then the rest feels like flying. I really hope I never come falling back down to earth. :)

Until next time…I bid you adieu 

Song of the Day- “Sweet Disposition” The Temper Trap

P.S. If I am going to do this thing FOREAL, I would like to garner a few more followers over time. So, to my readers, recommend my blog to anyone and everyone interested in fashion or not! :) Love you guys!


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  2. Hey shan.....I remember when we bought those strawberry necklaces....i loved that little store...i wish we could go back to LA....
    well one day soon...maybe.....

    loving the blog....
    love the outfits

    bought any more mens clothing from the thrift store? I loved the shirt with the leggings....great outfit!!