Jaded in Emerald City

Adventurous romps in Seattle city experienced by yours truly


July 27, 2010

I’m mildly obsessed with this vintage pencil skirt. I got it at the thrift store a few weeks ago for 7 bucks. Yep, that’s what I said. SEVEN dollars. Anyway, I’m in love and it will be perfect for fall, not only because of the color (which looks more blue in these photos than its true purple..I guess its sort of like indigo?) but also for my broadcasting endeavors since I’ve somehow managed to skirt (pun definitely intended) along all this time with exactly two that were professionally appropriate.  Anyway, happiness abounds. J

skirt/vintage  shoes/Modcloth  tank & tights/F21  beaded cardigan & messenger bag/H&M

So, I was in a great mood at work this morning and all throughout the day. Then it was time to come home. I’m honestly sick of riding the bus. I know all the different routes by now and I don’t have any trouble making it home. But, frankly, it just sucks. I think riding the city bus is turning me into an introvert. I try to be open minded, but I really don’t enjoy sitting by stinky, loud obnoxious people in the summer heat which just magnifies the smell that much more. And its so crowded, so you can’t sit down half the time. Ugh….I think I am going to go for a drive when I get home just because I can.

Now, I am going to go exercise while its still early! I found a lovely place to hike just down the street. I start at Cowen Park and hike to Ravenna Woods to a brook. It’s really charming and makes my workout that much easier. 

Goofing off with Jess in the Weather Center.. :) 

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day- “Islands on the Coast” Band of Horses


  1. HA! I find great joy in the fact that I can relate to you about the bus, having experienced it myself on our visit.. indeed it sucks! Outfit is awesome today! That last modeling portrait by the pole is phenomenal! I don't think I could picture you as a weather girl though! lol love u!

    View from the Top

  2. loving the shoes and tights.....so you...
    pics are fabulous

    i agree about the bus....
    I have only driven public transit once and it was in Las Vegas....in the middle of summer.....and was very stinky too.... lol

    love you

  3. I am so-o-o-o glad we rented a car while I was there. I don't think I could handle the bus. However, I think it is a good experience for you since it is something you have never had to do. You never know, you may end up in NY or somewhere else where driving to work every day is not possible. Of course, if you get really big (or should I say WHEN) in the news field, you will probably have a driver! Just imagine...that would be totally awesome! :)

    When I was a kid, the lady that lived with us and sort of took care of us and cleaned house (Granny Bert) used to take Jimmy and I downtown on the bus on Saturdays. The highlight of our week!

    Huh...just watching the news and there was this dr. on talking about injuries in the NFL with the Space Needle in the background!

    Back to you and the bus - Lola Corolla doesn't look so bad now does she?

    Btw, love the outfit today! I believe I recognize the sweater...have you worn the skirt?

    See you in 7 days!!

    Love you, Mom

  4. okay.... I am going to bypass the whole bus thing and the soooooo cute outfit thing.... and move right along to the OBVIOUS.... excerise ... hiking to a brook in the WOODS??? Really Shannon..... tell the truth now... it is a trail that is heavily populated right??? otherwise i KNOW THAT A CERTAIN DAN HAS ALREADY CALLED YOU!!!! lol, Auntie T ( be careful!!)

  5. Lol...yeah its pretty populated! Not wilderness or anything :) A lot of people take their dogs on it and stuff so you run into someone about every 5 minutes. No danger! :)