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Sushi Groove

July 2, 2010

This post is actually for yesterday. I get a little lazy every now and then and have to catch up on my posts.

I got a chance to walk down to the U-Village yesterday, a super nice shopping center in my neighborhood. It’s a bit farther to walk than “the ave.” They have the main road to get to the village closed for construction so it’s a little over a mile or so with the new route. But, the new route forces you into the UW campus and it is so GORGEOUS.

The U-village shopping center itself is very nice. It’s so unique and most of the regular grocery stores are open 24 hours because they are so near the college campus! :) The only thing open 24 hours around the northside is Wal-Mart! Speaking of, there are NO Wal-Mart stores in Seattle. None. I really appreciate it, actually. :) There are some in the nearby towns but none within the city limits-it’s pretty great.

Last night, I went to Bellevue to a movie with my roommate and some friends. The movie theatre is in “The Bellevue Collection.” Bellevue is right outside of Mercer Island, where Bill Gates’s home is. It is SO nice. We went to a sushi bar for dinner before the movie started. Okay, we apparently don’t have sushi bars where I’m from. This concept was totally foreign to me. So, the chefs make the fresh sushi and put it on these small colored platters. It goes on a belt that goes around the entire restaurant and bar and you just grab what you want and eat it. At the end, a server just comes by and adds up your bill by counting the colors. Each color represents a price which is posted on the wall. Amazing? I know!

Until tomorrow…

Song of the Day-“Tightrope” Yeasayer

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