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July 29, 2010                  

I love today. J

Seriously, I know I always talk about how much I love life lately but its true! I adore it! Seattle is so amazing all the time….I can’t get away from the beauty no matter where I go. Of course, that could have something to do with my sunny disposition.

As much as I love Seattle, I’m also excited to get back to Jacksonville soon. I miss my family and friends so much! Also, I’m sort of a geek and I actually really like school. J So, I’m excited to start my classes as well. 

top/vintage the shirt company   belt/UO   skirt/express   shoes/aldo  shades/Franscescas

This outfit was very comfortable today. I’ve found that I don’t often put myself through too much hassle when it comes to what I wear. I pretty much need something that’s going to be cute and functional and this totally was. These shoes are probably the comfiest heels I own.

I sort of felt like Jackie from That 70’s Show in this vintage top. J It’s very 70’s polyester and I LOVE it.! By the way, I told you guys I wear the heck out of this skirt!

Today was the last day of the work week! Whatever is left to experience in Seattle now, I better do this weekend!!!!

Until tomorrow…..

Song of the Day- “Wolf Like Me” TV on the Radio


  1. Love it, the outfit is so cute on you. i dont think i would ever be able to pull it off but you knock the socks off of it.
    PS. you better do something really fun this weekend it being your last one in Seattle.

  2. So...this may be my favorite outfit yet!! LOVE it!!! I am so ready for you to come home...its been FOREVER...and I want to borrow some of these awesome clothes that you've aquired while in WA!! =)Hope you enjoy your last weekend in Seattle. Love you!!

  3. Very cute outfit...I love it! I am counting down the days until I get to pick you up from the airport. I am so excited you are coming home, but I know you are really going to miss Seattle weather...it is hot as Hades here in Jax...heat index of 111 today!

    Make the most of your weekend!!

  4. Actually, most of what I've been wearing on the blog are pieces I already owned before I came here! :) I have acquired some pretty nice vintage stuff from different places here in Seattle though...I am going to miss the short walk to the ave...