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Much Ado About Nothing

July 23, 2010

So, the Barefoot Bandit didn’t have a lot to say yesterday, as he let his smarmy attorney do most of the talking. This guy painted the picture of a celebrity lawyer-he was tan and had his blonde hair a little long like Zach Morris in Saved By the Bell the college days and was wearing a scarf when we first met him. He actually turned out to be very nice and seemingly accommodating, though.

While I’m glad I got to go out on the story, I was also a little melancholy yesterday and I’m not sure why. It was exciting to be part of the media frenzy running into the courtroom but it was also a hassle. Between CNN, Dateline, Inside Edition, and all the other local stations, everyone was basically chasing him up the stairs to the courthouse, which by the way looks exactly like the one on Law & Order. (Seriously, why so many steps?) And I was doing a little dance trying to stay OUT of the cameras’ lens. Alas, I’m almost positive you’re going to see me somewhere in the media today because it was way too difficult.

As we made our way up to the hearing, we could see that people were being turned away. The two guards told us that no one else was being allowed in and that we had to listen to the hearing in the overflow room next door. He wouldn’t even let us look through the window! So, we battled the sea of people and stood outside to talk to the attorney just to be banned from the courtroom in the end! Jeez….

After the hearing was adjourned, all those same people and myself were to follow the attorney outside to the front steps of the courthouse so that he could do an on camera interview-None of the photographers were allowed in the Federal courthouse. But, as I was entering the (crowded) elevator, a voice announced the following: “No one is to enter or exit the courthouse. All doors should be locked immediately.”

Fantastic. Everyone in that lift was a little frightened we were going to be stuck in there. But, luckily, the elevators were still in operation. Is it wrong that I was sort of hoping he was escaping? :) It would make a nice twist in the story…

In the lobby, the reporters began interviewing the now pigeonholed lawyer without the cameras, since he was stuck anyway. I decided to take this moment to use the restroom. After, I walked back out into the lobby, which was now virtually empty, a sign of our freedom. But, I had to walk right behind Moore’s attorney to get out of the building! I asked the guard if there was another way I could go out and he looked at me like I was a complete moron. Those federal guards, sheesh. Loosen up.

Sorry I don’t have more photos of the event! No cameras allowed. I will try to post more photos on my blog this weekend of Snoqualmie Falls! My roommate and I are going tomorrow and I’m psyched to see it! :)

Until then….


  1. That all sounds pretty ridiculous! That waterfall though... I'm so jealous that I will not be seeing that with you! Tell Malia I said hello!

  2. Glad you finally told us all about your experiences yesterday...so exciting!!

    I can't believe you are getting to go to the falls tomorrow...that will be awesome...I know I don't have to tell you to take lots of pics.

    Love you and have fun!