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To the Falls!

July 24th, 2010 

Snoqualmie Falls is so gorgeous! And its only like 45 minutes outside of Seattle, which is so convenient. I traveled there with my roommate today to snap some photos. 

We saw the falls first, then we went to the Indian Reservation to see the casino. It’s sort of weird because Snoqualmie Casino is a huge brand new casino with a sprawling slots floor, private poker rooms, and several restaurants. But, there’s nothing else out that far. So, you have to drive in just to go to the casino. It’s sort of out of place, I guess. 

After we left the casino, we headed back to North Bend, which is the cutest little town on the side of the mountain. They have a small art museum, a diner, and several little bakeries and barber shops on the main street. We decided to have lunch at Twede’s Café, home of the “World Famous Twin Peaks” cherry pie. I ordered apple instead. Figures. :)

Until next time……

FYI- My blog is slowly headed in a more sartorial direction. I am going to write along with my posts, as always. But, I am trying to do more outfit posting because it seems like a lot of fun, I truly love vintage, and I think outfits you wear say a lot about your personality and your life. :)

Blouse/vintage via Goodwill  Vest/Forever 21  Cutoffs/American Eagle  Moccasins/Minnetonka 


  1. Can't wait to see all of the pics from yours and Malia's trip to the Falls. Looks like you had a great day.

    Love you,

  2. Apple pie is better anyways!
    Your blog is so fun, I'm going to follow (:


  3. are those the moccasins from Cherokee? or do you actually own two pairs of those?? lol

    the falls look fabulous!
    we missed u at the wedding....
    see you soon

    love you
    miss you

  4. Chandler- Thanks!! I really like your blog as well! And I have the same dress from H&M and the same problem!!

    Lisa-I can't believe you remember that! lol...Yes they're the same ones!I love that I actually bought them on an Indian reservation :)