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July 28, 2010                  

Oh…Mylanta, I’m exhausted! I’ll just be posting some of my style inspirations for photos tonight as I had time to take none of my own today. Considering that this is my style blog, I think it’s appropriate for you guys to see some of the things that inspire my personal style choices.

This is my sort of summer into fall conversion..:)  This stuff is from some of my favorite bloggers and brands seen below. Of course, living in the freaking sub-tropics means I can't really dress like its fall until...well...until winter. Curses Florida...

J Crew Fall 2010 lookbook
Blushing Ambition
Idee Geniale
The Clothes Horse
Flashes of Style
Ruche Summer 2010 lookbook
the Knight Cat

 I just got home from sitting in on the judging of the Emmy awards Northwest chapter. The PR director thought it would be a cool thing for me to sit in on, and as it turns it out it was. I’m grateful for all the opportunities she has provided me. But, by 9:45 it was sort of dragging. So, I decided to head out since I have to intern tomorrow morning in the newsroom.

The category being judged was for documentaries on non-profits. Viewing these made me realize how lucky I really am. There were a couple really great ones and all the videos were for great causes, but I swear to you not a single one of them was as good as the documentary that I was able to be a small part of last year at JU. They looked almost small town and very amateur next to ours. The transitions and introductions were stale and dated and the videography wasn’t even on the same caliber. On at least two of them, the graphics were trite…even corny. It’s supposed to be the other way around! We’re just students and these people are paid to do this! So, I have an all new respect for Catinka and Joe…again. J Honestly, even the video that I made for TDC for the student life program at JU outshines some of the ones I saw tonight. Style points!! J

I was so tired that I just grabbed a cab on the way home instead of taking the bus so late. Best…..decision….ever. I never want to ride the bus again. I’ve never taken a taxi by myself, before. The only time I ever get in taxis back home is quite late into the night and usually with more people than the cab is ever meant to hold. ;) I felt so independent..I could definitely get used to that…maybe I’m meant to live in NY. J

Until tomorrow.....

Song of the Day- "Where is My Mind" Pixies 
One of the best songs to wrap up a movie ever....

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  1. I don't mind the idea of you living in NY...at least you would be on the East Coast and I could go see you within taking an 8 hr. flight!

    Glad you took a taxi last night...very good decision that late at night.

    Love you and see you soon!