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July 5, 2010

Morning Latte

It’s going to be 85 here in just a few days! Hallelujah! Oh, sun how I have missed you….I want to bask in your loveliness all day long. The sun thinks I’m bipolar, I’m sure of it. But, it’s so true-absence makes the heart grow fonder! The reporter and photog were laughing at me all day because it was in the 60’s and the wind was blowing and I was literally shivering! I ran into the sun spots every second I could and stood there with my eyes closed just soaking in the vitamin D.

Greenlake Geese

Honestly, today’s story didn’t really do anything for me…the aforementioned surge in temperature was our topic, nothing hard about that hard news! Anyway, we went to a nursery/garden/café place to interview the owner and his customers. This place was gorgeous! I mean it’s like 3 times the size of the nursery section of typical hardware stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot or something….and far more beautifully arranged! Not only do they have oodles of flowers, grass, plants, and vegetables, they have a gift shop with all these neat little novelties. (Alliteration not intended..lol) Inside the gift shop is a full on café where they serve sandwiches, soups, and salads made from their own fresh ingredients. And they serve espresso-automatic win. They even had live chickens!


Lone Tomato

Anyway, as I said before, the story honestly bored me a little (shhh…don’t tell anyone) so I perused the shop and the gardens for a long time before going back to the live truck. You know, you can only look at flowers for so long before they start taking on personality. I realized this today. So, I sat down in the grass by some flowers while the reporter logged tape and gave my flowers spiritual selves. :) (Hey, I gave you warning in the title of this blog!!)

So, here’s what I think of our angiosperm friends…..

Gerber Daisy is silly. She wears loose pigtails in her sandy blonde hair and the stripes on her shirt clash with her pastel polka dot shorts and the rainbow of primary colors on her toes that draw your eye to her bare feet. She always does whatever she wants, she’s so young and carefree, the other florals envy her. She has just enough familiar charm and ordinariness to make you feel comfortable around her. She is wild and frivolous and also pigheaded and overly assertive sometimes.

Her sister, regular Daisy is gentle and has the kindest heart of all, so she is perceived to be child like and innocent and too simple for the time in which she lives. But, she’s the silent leader out of these two gals and makes all the important decisions. The dimples on her face take you back to the time she’s from. She likes drinking coke out of the bottle and wearing saddlelocks. Her medium length sandy hair hangs loose at her shoulders and her freckles are even more prominent than Gerber Daisy’s.

Lavender is peaceful and statuesque, her aura alone makes you feel serene. She is graceful and beautiful and her silver hair hangs down her back freely. Lavender is gentle and wise and good at giving advice. She is other worldly, and when she speaks she has no accent, she has no prominent feature and belongs to no one culture in particular. She lives no where.

Hydrangea always does what she is supposed to. She keeps her long brunette locks pulled pack into an alabaster barrette. She wears a shade of nude on her lips which sets off the beauty mark underneath her nose and above her top lip. Hydrangea’s cardigan is perfectly pressed and her low oxford heel is perfectly polished. Something about her keen detail for orderliness makes her stunning, albeit a bit obsessive compulsive. Sophistication and elegance, however, are two of her most redeeming qualities. She appreciates the sanity that obedience provides; she’s sturdy and poised. She might seem reserved to the point of superiority but she is very protective of the ones she loves. She’s actually more sensitive than all of her companions, though she would never let on to it.

Hibiscus lets her short cropped black hair do whatever it wants. It shows off her thick eyebrows that in turn frame her too big brown eyes. Her sharp nose and other extremely prominent features actually make her desirable. She never wears make-up because she doesn’t need it. (Not that she ever would anyway…) Her white cotton dress hangs down to her ankles accentuating the Chinese character on the top her foot…no one knows what it means. Not even Hibiscus. She definitely doesn’t prescribe to any preconceived notions; she’s very much a free spirit. She sometimes butts heads with Gerber Daisy.

hahaha...yep thats what I did today...:)

Until tomorrow....

Song of the Day-"Revelry" Kings of Leon


  1. I would soooooo spend the day in the nursery/ garden/ cafe!!! Beautiful... and btw..... Hydrangea rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! T

  2. This is the most amazing/borderline crazy blog yet! You are such an amazing writer and everyday I read you surprise me again! I cannot wait to see you THIS WEEK!!! (it seems as though you might need some of your friends around to keep you from talking to the flowers!! lol) That said.. I would like to know what kind of tree or flower I am. Get on that! :) See you soon!

  3. terry would think the Hydrangea rocks.....

    does your morning latte always have a heart flower in the top of it?

    too cute

    very pretty......all is fabulous.....
    love love the nursery
    Bryan says hey.....
    love you
    miss you

  4. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, AMAZING BLOG!!! The pictures are beautiful, and the way you brought the flowers to life - unbelievable. Your descriptions make me want to think of a person you could possibly be describing.

    Was that really your latte? I mean seriously...a heart swirled on top...very creative of you!

    I SO enjoyed reading this. Love you bunches!!