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Oh My Deer it’s a Heat Wave

July 8. 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors-I lose every time!! Some of the live trucks are broken and 3 interns are at the station on Thursday equals me losing roe sham bo to one of the interns and staying at the station for a while...lol… But, shortly after I got to go out with a photographer in his car to get independent footage on a deer sighting in a neighborhood in the middle of town!
We ran into several people who had just seen the deer who had somehow gotten itself into a shady park in Madrona. We rode around for 2 hours and never found the thing but it was sort of fun anyway. :) The photographer and I got to ride around and make ridiculous jokes about there being no news and look at cool houses..:)
I left work a little early after that because I knew that I wanted to make it to U-Village (which is about a mile and a half from my house) to buy some frozen yogurt from QFC. Why Safeway doesn’t carry pint sized frozen yogurt is beyond me. I walked the whole way there thinking about how hot it was today. It was 90 degrees today, which set the record high for July 8th. Okay, I know it was not the brightest idea to walk a mile and a half there and back on the hottest day of the year to buy a pint sized frozen treat. Alright, alright it was just plain stupid. I never said I was a planner! I don’t know what I was thinking. The way there wasn’t too terrible.
The trip back to my apartment was downright hellish. In short, I got lost and ended up at a dead end, by which time my yogurt was starting to melt. Since I didn’t want it to melt and start spilling over the sides into the bag, I decided the best thing to do was just to take the top off and start eating some of it. Yeah, I swear my life is so ridiculous sometimes, if it wasn’t happening to me it would be hysterical. So here I am walking down the street with my index finger/makeshift spoon immersed in a tub of strawberry yogurt stuffing my face just daring one of the passersby to say something to me. I felt like yelling, “What?!” One guy did say something like, “Wow..just eating ice cream, huh?” My mouth was too full to tell him was yogurt..jeez what do I look like, a pig?
I finally found my way and I now understand why I will NEVER walk to U-Village again. There is an almost completely vertical hill for about half a mile. I swear I’m not even exaggerating. The sidewalk has rectangular rivets in it similar to a rock wall to grab on to if you fall so you don’t go tumbling. It’s down right dangerous. If I had to guess, I would say I looked something like Alice Cooper by the time I made it to my apartment. I very nearly passed out on the floor and lifted my dress up to my head like a 5 year old. I wasn’t as angry as I’d thought I would still be once I realized my yogurt would coagulate once again, probably due to the gigantic endorphin high I was on.
Dear heat, stop following me. Thanks…

Until tomorrow…

Song of the Day- “Somewhere Only We Know”


  1. well....I think it's suppose to get up to 99 here in j'ville....if that help make you feel any better......and humid....like crazy.....
    good hair days....."forget-about-it" lol

    so I hear your friends are coming to visit....that will be fun.....showing them all the sights......wish i was coming....up to see u...

    love ya

  2. :) :) :) lol...I can just see you now...walking up the hill eating yogurt with your finger...too funny!! How in the world did you get lost...too busy making sure your yogurt didn't melt to pay attention? :)

    As for the heat, just wait until you get back to Florida - you will be craving that Seattle weather. It is so hot here that it's miserable!

    Hope you, Brian and Sara have a fun weekend!

    Love you and counting the days until you are back...