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Rosalie Hale…well not really

June 26, 2010

Too tired to blog for long. Sorry! But, I went to the Fremont Outdoor Movies opening tonight, which premiered with a bang! The venue was one of twelve throughout the country that is showing New Moon tonight in honor of the release of Eclipse next week and because tonight is a lunar……..eclipse. :)


I didn’t get to meet anyone which was lame. But, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser did what most celebrities have to do at these sort of things. They got there just in time and then left as soon as they spoke to the crowd to be whisked off on a jet plane to somewhere very important.

But, it was fine. Fremont-another great area of town! Jeez, Seattle…stop giving me so many options, it’s mind boggling. Anyway, to sleep. :)

Song of the Day- “Ours” The Bravery

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  1. Glad you got to see them and glad you got home safely. Still wish I was in Seattle with you...