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Like a Sore Thumb…

June 23, 2009

Why does the Safeway always have to have such long lines when I get off of work? It’s annoying! Due to my laziness and impatience, I now have no cereal in the morning….Fantastic.


More cop punch stuff today…. We went to a rally at the high school where the jaywalking turned punch in the face went down last week. People are still really hyped about it.

Anyway, the only thing I have to say about this issue is the following. This act of demonizing the media is really getting sort of tired. I find it very pretentious when someone attempts to tell someone else how to do their job when, in truth, they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Seriously, can I just say this? And this goes for everyone. If the media didn’t come to your press conferences, functions, and events, guess who would care about your story? No one. The only way people know something is going on and what it’s all about is through the media. So, how about a little appreciation? Sheesh…. Other than that, it was a very interesting day. We got to hear a lot of different opinions about this story which just can’t seem to go away. Seattle can’t stay on the edge of a knife point forever. There’s either going to be some serious unrest in the community or everything will be fixed. It’s going to fall off one way or the other and just which way will be determined, I predict, by the mayor’s decision for Police Chief.


This neighborhood we were in is so sketchy. I almost maced someone today. If I had mace that is. Basically, I was on the phone outside the news van and this latin homey with his pants hanging down came up to talk to me. Okay, I am genuinely sort of afraid because we are in a very seedy neighborhood known for drugs, etc. I politely told him I couldn’t talk because I was working and he kept following me! Seriously, dude, how are you hoping for this to turn out? I mean, really? I finally said “Go Away!!” and turned around. Then he did the unthinkable………..he TOUCHED ME!!! He grabbed my arm and tried to turn me back around. All this happened in like 30 seconds. But, I sort of screamed at him not to touch me or something to that effect. He went on for 2 or 3 more seconds and then, he FINALLY went away. I was shocked, shocked! Who does that? Who touches someone they don’t know? Look at me! Do I look like a homegirl? Obviously you shouldn’t probably even speak to me ever again…gross. People suck. Other than that, successful outing. :)

Until tomorrow....last day of my week :)

Song of the Day- “While You Were Sleeping” Casting Crowns


  1. i hope your dad doesn't read your blog...because if he does....he just purchased a ticket to seattle.....to hunt down the homeboy...... (lol) and i think he'll have more than a can of mace....
    glad you handled it though......

    u need a stun gun........
    shan is packen' lol
    u need smitty don't you??

  2. What?!?! Someone actually put his hands on you?! OMG!! Where was the rest of your news people? Seriously...you shouldn't be out there by yourself!! Where was the cameraman? I am thinking you need to take some self-defense classes when you get back home and I am definitely buying you some mace!!

    Stay safe! I love you.