Jaded in Emerald City vol 2

Adventurous Romps in Seattle city Experienced by Yours Truly

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Small Town of Everett, Hand Model, and If I Get Lost in Downtown One More Time…..

The race against the clock to the bus stop this morning was a nasty foreboding of what my afternoon would turn out to be. I want to end tonight’s blog on a good note, so it’s going to be in reverse.

Can I just say that someone at King County Metro is gonna get it!? I won’t bore everyone with street names and crossings again but basically-the bus had me get off a near MILE and a half from the next stop! Who does that? And I thought I was being reporter savvy by wearing a very sophisticated pair of plum pumps with my navy dress and a cardigan. NO ONE..I repeat NO ONE in the newsroom wears heels. Not even the anchors! You think they’re rocking Jimmy’s or Louboutin under there? Heck no! Because they are smart. Everyone in the building was wearing flats but me. Congratulations.

Anyway, my fashion faux pas turned into a full on calamity by the end of that mile and a half and I quite literally sat down at Madison and Western on a storefront patio for about ten minutes. vvvvv

This is me...blowing my hair out of my face...you have to be working pretty freaking hard to work up a good sweat in Seattle!! jeez.....

Finally, I mustered up some courage and got directions to the transit from a very nice gentleman on his way to the Sounders game. Never again heels, never.

KIRO-TV is an awesome place. I lucked out with one of the nicest internship coordinators on the planet. She sent me out on my first day with a photog and a producer on an interview in Everett, just north of Seattle. So, the interview was about cell phones, right? And how Washingtonians are very recently banned from talking on them..unless, of course you have it on speaker phone. (Yeah I don’t get it either.) Alas, speakerphone is allowed. So, the coolest thing happened. The photographer from the story needed hands dialing on a cell phone and putting it on speaker for a creative close up and he used me and my lil’ karma! J Look at us! First day on the job and I’m already on TV! Well…err…my hands at least! J

After that, I sat in on the 5pm newscast where the anchors are infinitely more beautiful in person than they are even on TV, I might add. It was seriously ridiculous. Anyway, the meteorologist, who might also just happen to be a beauty queen in her spare time, was super nice! I overheard her saying nice things about me to my internship coordinator after the broadcast. Pretty exciting day-I’d say so!

Until tomorrow…. I bid you adieu J

Song of the Day-Atlas Sound's-Walkabout \ Simply because I feel like that's all I have done since I have been here.

P.S. I would also like to mention that I almost didn’t write tonight because the day ended with very sad news. A friend from home has died far too soon, and even more so this has greatly affected someone very close to me. But, I thought it important to keep my blog going to show that life can’t stop no matter where you are and you can’t change things that are out of your control. In that respect, please pray and keep your loved ones close.


  1. I am so glad you were able to still share your day with us even after hearing such devastating news...the sign of a true journalist!!

  2. You really make me proud!!

  3. well...I'm sure glad you took your cute flats too!
    so now you know......flats it is....
    congrats to your left and right....for their debut on seattles news.....

    love ya

  4. I am so proud of you. Love you much! BE SAFE!!!!

  5. AMAZING!!! I CANNOT wait until July! :)