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Friday, June 18, 2010

To whom it may concern: If we have not met (henceforth this applies to almost everyone in Seattle, WA) and there are several other seats available on the bus, do not sit by me. In fact, don’t even look at me.

For cripe’s sake. I am so sick of the bus situation. For those of you who don’t know, there is a pretty creepy guy that, for all we know, has purposefully taken a later bus because I stopped taking the early one and stares me down like I have egg on my face every single day. No worries, I believe he is harmless but it is very gross and creepy nonetheless. However, I took a very late bus today so I did not see him. But, yesterday a talkative chubby older gentleman saw me on the bus and sat down and started asking me about my iPod. I didn’t really think it out of the ordinary, even though a part of me knew he was using the stupidest subject ever to spark up a conversation. But, no big deal….until you get on the same bus today and sit by me when there are 20 other seats open!! Jeez…

So, I told the Public Relations director at the station that I would help her with a little project…which turned into a HUGE project...today. She had me go through all the PSA’s sent to her from the Ad Council, among a mess of other non-profit organizations, and choose the ones that I thought would be suitable to go on air this quarter. FYI-every network television station has a certain amount of air time it must fill for free with advertising for non profits, and info for the good of the public etc, regulated by the FCC.

It was a tough job! I wanted to put a yes on everything! Unfortunately, if we said yes to everything we wouldn’t have time to air the news, or anything else that comes on CBS for that matter! And I like my NCIS..so… Anyway, it was terrible choosing between the Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Moms Against Drunk Driving and the like. I felt like I was saying, “Ehh…we can have a few more drunks on the road this summer as long as people know about this other organization.” Ugh..awful. I finally settled on what I think is a very diverse mix of quite a few good organizations.

After work, I had some time so instead of getting right on the bus I decided to hang out and walk around Westlake Mall. Okay, Westlake the area is great. It’s right by 5th Avenue and a very ritzy part of downtown and the outside patio in front of the mall is fabulous also. Much to my dismay, the mall is downright terrible. I know, I couldn’t believe it! The only merchandise sold in that mall are Affliction t-shirts and monogrammed bags. Need I say gross. Also, I was wearing my brown leather boots and didn’t know I would need traction hiking shoes for the mall! The floor in this place was shiny and so slick that I almost busted it at least 3 times. Taking the east exit as soon as my shoes would allow, I decided I will stick to my 5th Avenue trek in downtown from now on. Even though, I need not even go in LV or Gucci, they are infinitely more fun to window shop. :)

Short blog-going to Greenlake tomorrow :) Until then….




  1. Love the blog. I can't wait everymorning to read it and see what you did the day before. Next time some man sits down beside you on the bus, just get up and move to another seat. LOVE YOU!

  2. Ditto what Nina said! I can't wait to read your blog every morning. I was up until about 1:00 a.m. last night and thought I might get to read it before bed, but, of course, it is only 10:00 p.m. there.

    Hope you have a great day at Greenlake...hope it's sunny!

    Love you,