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December 30, 2010

Ahhh…it’s a new year! Doesn’t it feel great? =) This year has some amazing things in store and I am so eager to see what they are!

New Years Eve was a great deal of fun! I hung out with some of my favorite people. I went to dinner with some friends and then met my sister to ring in the New Year at this great bar at the beach! We were able to see some fireworks as well! NYE outfit was perfect for the weather we experienced.

So, yesterday was my last first day of school ever….totally weird…I am getting so old! But, I am so excited about my last semester at JU. I had my theatrical make up class today. This class is right up my alley, so stay tuned for photos of opera, ballet, geriatric, fantasy, futuristic, and blood and gore stage make-up!! I can’t wait!! =)

Also, I got in some serious debates today in my media ethics and media law classes! Fun fun fun! I love a good ethical debate. =)

Song of the Day- “Symphonies” Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi  

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  1. A bit belated, but happy new year - hehe it's always kinda nice though knowing that you are almost finished with school don't you think?