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Slip a Sable Under the Tree....Or a Canon 5D?

December 22, 2010

 So, From Here to There has been sort of a flop this season. I renamed my blog from Jaded in Emerald City for obvious reasons, (i.e. I no longer reside in Seattle….) and honestly just sort of came up with the name on a whim. It seemed sort of appropriate at the time, and I think it still is in some ways, but I don’t think it is precise enough so I’ve been scheming up some new titles, one of which I believe I will be implementing after the New Year..From Here to There is so vague, to where? I think I liked that about it at first because it does ring of endless possibilities and what not....but now that I am on the eve of my life and am just about to graduate college, I think the more precise titles are in order. :) 

They say consistency is the key with these type of things, but since I will be keeping the same URL (verypleasantlyjaded.blogspot.com) I think I’m okay to do this. I need a decent header, though. Suggestions?

Well, today was pretty great. I was able to do some thrifting and I discovered the most adorable place in Five Points! If I continue to live in Jacksonville at any point after college, I must live in this area. It’s like the central artsy/hipster fun area in the city. Other than this area, we’re pretty lacking. Don’t get me wrong, Jacksonville actually has tons of beautiful places to live (we’re pretty famous for our sandy beaches, as you would imagine) but urban living is sort of in a lull. But, I have to give it to the city, they are really trying to enliven city center. The beaches have always been the place to live and hang out, but they’re trying to increase the 21-35 demographic in downtown with new condos, music venues and bars, and reinventing the museums and I think that’s awesome.

In unrelated business, I'm not overly ecstatic about today's "fit"...it just wasn't quite a hit...but this sweater puts me in the perfect holiday mood! It’s so sparkly and rings of Yuletide cheer, I love it! In fact, I think it could be pretty dashing over an LBD for New Year’s! Hmm….

gold cardigan/thrifted  crew neck top/American Apparel  mini skirt/Express  
sandals/Miss Me via random shop on Bainbridge Island  rings/Wolfgang

Which reminds me….I wonder what I will do in the way of getting all dolled up for NYE. I really love to do makeup and I’m kinda good at it. Ask me to do your hair and you’re up the creek….but makeup is my forte. Photography and makeup are sort of my creative gifts, I guess. Though, no one here gets to see my handy work because I no longer have an SLR…sad day for me...:( Oh well, below I have posted some of the things I have been doing to my face lately as well as some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so yous guys can check it out!!

All Photos by Yours Truly: Shannon Heath

Peace, Love, and Merry Christmas!!

Song of the Day- Santa Baby Jessica Simpson version


  1. You are a gem; Even though you weren't feeling the fit, I think this outfit is lovely. And I agree; this would be amazing for New Years. ;)
    Wishing you well,
    Amber Rose.

  2. you look great! love your jewelry/nail polish. successful thrifting trips are the best!

  3. Aww you are beautiful, dear!

    Merry Christmas! xx