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December 18, 2010

Honestly, Christmas is a week away and it feels like 75 degrees in north Florida! It’s getting pretty ridiculous…and I have been investing in scarves and boots and cardigans because I LOVE to layer! However, this evidence of global warming has kept me from doing that effectively for the past week or so. I just hope its cool enough on Christmas for me to wear some of my new winter clothes.

I truly think I was meant to be born in Alaska or Washington state or something. I love to wear lots of layers of clothing and I pretty much shy away from the sun, to say the least. Oh well. I did love my outfit today, even though it proved a little warm for our recent climate down here.

romper, thigh highs, and wedges/Charlotte Russe  hat/UO  
tights and cardigan/Target

On a happier note, SEVEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I’m a child and Christmas is my very favorite holiday! I love everything about it….you give and receive gifts (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love gifts?!), spend time with all your loved ones, and eat tons of home cooked food! The best!

Well, I have to sign off now as I go prepare for my last performance of Little Women at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre! It’s certainly bittersweet….I am so happy that I auditioned for this show, it has been a blast and I am going to miss my cast mates so much! But, I’m looking forward to the much needed break before I start next semester. MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! Holy cow! J J J J

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