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October 9, 2010

            I can not wait to start my senior project! I did my THIRTEEN PAGE          (!!!) show treatment for my presentation of my documentary today. It is very detailed, though so it sort of forced me to make some decisions about the project, and I think this organized document will be helpful later on. Once the documentary gets rolling, I will blog about the organization I am profiling. They are a really great group and I am so stoked to make this film.


dress/UO  blazer/Express  wedges/Cooperative for UO  trouser socks/thrifted
puppy/Daisy! :) 

My friend Sara and I did some shopping tonight and went in search of a dress for me to wear next Friday for my 21st birthday bash! J I think I have found the perfect one, photos of the event will ensue! 

Can I just say i <3 this photo!?!

I think I look just like my sister in this pic! How weird! That's why I posted it!

P.S. This outfit is SO comfortable. This dress is probably the comfiest thing I own.

Song of the Day-“The Drumming Song” Florence + The Machine


  1. Whoa!! That pic does look like me...WEIRD!! I see the resemblance every now and then...but this one is crazy!! =) The outfit you have on in the other photos is super cute...very Shanny!

    Cant wait 'til your 21ST BIRTHDAY BASH!! :):):)

    Love you!!

  2. That dress is lovely! The detailing on the top is super fun, and the color is fabulous. Good luck with your senior project! Eeep!