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Hot Hot Heat

August 6, 2010

You will notice this is the inaugural post of the From Here to There series. Jaded in Emerald City will obviously be retiring now since I am back in Florida for my senior year of college. Honestly, this name From Here to There came to me just now and seemed an appropriate title for a blog about this time in my life. I could’ve thought of something corny to call it about the sun or the beach, but that’s just so not me at all. Jaded In Emerald City, while still emphasizing the pseudonym of the city I was in this summer, also said a little something about my adventure there. It’s not really about the place so much, but more about how the physical place I am residing in affects the place I am in my life. From Here to There is just so thoughtfully provocative to me personally in that it begs the question, “Here to Where?” I have no idea! The pure kinetic potential is abundant for the moment. That’s what is so great about it. J Of course, the name is subject to change because I am very indecisive and if I think of something better I’ll change it. But, I just wanted to give you guys the idea behind the name.

In other news….I am thoroughly exhausted at this point. I dragged all of my possessions collected in Seattle through SEA-TAC and back to Jacksonville and left the very next day (without even unpacking) for Ft. Lauderdale, where I am now sitting in the Hyatt writing this.

I decided I may as well live up the rest of my summer while I still can because school will be in session in just a few days it seems! I actually love being back in Florida, believe it or not. The humidity and the blistering sun and the smells are just home to me. It seems sort of right, which makes me question everything now…great…

Anyway, the reason I am in Ft Lauderdale is because my brother is attending his last class in graduate school at NOVA Southeastern college this weekend before he gets his diploma and my Dad and I tagged along and are hanging out here. Tomorrow we are considering driving down to Biscayne Bay and South Beach to see Miami. As long as I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve actually never been there so I am really excited and hopefully I’ll get some great photos as well!

Until tomorrow….

Song of the Day- “Stella Was a Diver” Interpol

P.S. NOVA’s library is one of the largest in the state. We went in today and saw work from this great mixed media artist! His name was Peter Max and I posted some of it below. It was amazing!


  1. Welcome back to Florida! I can't wait to see the direction your blog (and your life) takes now that you are home.

    Wow! Your senior year of college...it seems like you just started at JU...where has the time gone? Won't be long before you'll have to be making some big decisions about your life.

    I just want to tell you to trust your heart and be true to yourself! You will have my support all the way because after this summer, you have proven to me that you are a very smart, strong, independent young woman that follows her dreams, no matter how difficult.

    Love you much...

  2. Yeah you're back, can't wait to see you.It doesn't seem possible that you are going to be a senior in college, especially since I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. You are such an amazing young woman, you are in charge of your life and your dreams and you are doing a fabulous job. Like your mom says, follow your heart, and stay true to yourself. I can't wait to see where you go. I love you and i'm so incredibly proud of you.

  3. Welcome Home!!!! I am excited that you will continue the blog!!!and yes...... If Miami were in your future... well I can certainly see you there!!! You have the ability to fit in where ever you go..... You will know ... when the decision has to be made!!!! Aunt T