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Welcome to Miami...

August 7, 2010

We went to South Beach today to see the sights! It was so....well... South Beach. Everyone was walking around half naked, hairless, and in shape. But, the town is so glamorous! Honestly, Miami would not be a bad place to end up. 

There were palm trees galore and everyone is really tan, so I guess I stand out in that way.. :) But, it is truly beautiful here and I can see why people rave about Miami beach now. But, wow, the real estate on the water is some of the most expensive in the world. It was an awesome sight

tank, cardigan, and purse/F21   skirt/vintage   belt/Hollister   wedges/thrifted

Until Tomorrow.....

Song of the Day- "Champagne Supernova" Oasis


  1. omg
    don't u just love southbeach!

    i would so love to live there....

    if i was younger, and skinnier and darker....lol

    and i love your skirt and belt....fabulous....

  2. as always... you look gorgeous!!! and yes even I agree..SouthBeach is a beautiful little piece of real estate!!!!! lol, Auntie T (ps: Rebecca received the pictures from Brian via dvd/cd.. anyways... do you have an opinion on who we should have develop them into "picture" form??) and yes.. go ahead and laugh... I know that is not quite the correct "Jargon" but none-the-less.. you know what i am asking.. right??????? Love ya, Terri