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August 12, 2010

To anyone who reads this blog, I am so sorry! I am finally back home in Jacksonville and am settling back in.

As much as I loved Seattle, I am glad to be home. There’s something about being surrounded by everyone you love that makes a place better than it is all by itself.

crop top/pitaya  skinny jeans/urban  shoes/charlotte russe  bag/h&m

We're a little overexposed...:)

I am going to try to keep outfit posting but it’s hard to get the photos taken and it’s hard to blog every night when I am trying to get everything accomplished before school!

I posted some photos of my dinner with my family the other night. Until next time….

P.S. Aren't my nephews adorable???


  1. He is so cute. And I agree with you that some places are just better because you are surrounded by people you love. Hope it is all going great and it is not to hard to get ready for school.
    Seattle has continued its heat wave, it needs to stop now.

  2. I am so glad you are home, too!

    I hope you don't stop blogging. You will have a lot to talk about when school starts and you start working at Channel 4. I may even give you the scoop on some of the goings on at the cthse.
    nah...just kidding!

    Love you.